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Calligo partners with BigID to accelerate Data Privacy, Security and Governance for our clients.

Today, we announced that we have partnered with BigID. The BigID data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, security, and governance.

What Role Can Artificial Intelligence Play in Fixing the Security Skills Shortage?

Calligo’s CISO, Mark Herridge, discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help bridge the security skills gap, and help teams make better and faster decisions

Meet the Winners: Q&A with Growth MSP of the Year 2021 – Calligo

Calligo Founder and CEO, Julian Box, spoke to Channel Partner Insight about Calligo’s growth, business model and what it takes to win one of the most coveted categories in this year’s US MSP Innovation Awards

Transform NRR To MRR: 5 Questions To Ask Before Making A Move

Julian Box, Calligo’s Founder & CEO, explains the five questions MSPs should ask themselves before converting non-recurring revenue (NRR) into monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

6 reasons you may need data science as a service

This TechTarget article looks at the top reasons why businesses are looking to outsource data science (Data Science as a Service “DSaaS”).


MSPs welcome proposals for new cybersecurity framework

Calligo’s Chief Information Security Officer, Mark Herridge, spoke to Channel Futures about the UK’s government proposed cybersecurity framework for MSPs

Why Businesses Don’t Deploy Machine Learning (And How to Overcome It)

Julian Box, Calligo’s Founder & CEO, discusses some of the concerns that prevent businesses from deploying machine learning such as cost, security, data privacy and ethics, and how to overcome them.

The biggest enterprise technology M&A deals of 2021

CIO lists the biggest acquisitions and mergers that took place in the first three months of 2021 and references Calligo’s first US acquisition, Decisive Data.

How MSPs can build a post-merger integration team

Based on our experience of 10 acquisitions to date, Calligo CEO, Julian Box, discusses the complex undertaking of integrating employees, business operations and technology post-merger, and the role and necessity of a dedicated project team.

Why MSPs must ignore their instincts and embrace data

Calligo CEO, Julian Box, discusses why MSPs should take a “data up” approach, and explains why it is more beneficial, strategic and valuable to the customer over the usual and typical “technology” mindset.

M&A integration plan calls for careful systems balance

Calligo CEO, Julian Box, is interviewed by TechTarget on the integration of systems and processes in our M&A activity and how it helps drive the success of each acquisition and the company as a whole

Why Data Privacy Should Be on President Biden’s Agenda for His First 100 Days

Sophie Chase-Borthwick, VP Data Ethics and Privacy, explains why the new US administration is in an excellent position to make significant progress on data privacy.

Calligo acquires Decisive Data to advance data science as a service

Venture Beat spoke to Calligo’s Founder & CEO, Julian Box, about its acquisition of Decisive Data, and how it expands Calligo’s expands data analytics and data science capabilities.

Sparked by rumours that Parler was set to reroute user data to Russian servers, a bigger question around US data sovereignty emerged

Following the revelation that social networking app, Parler, rerouted its user traffic through the Russian Federation, Sophie Chase-Borthwick, VP Data Ethics and Privacy, clarifies the GDPR ramifications and wider data sovereignty and residency issues

Calligo Acquires Decisive Data to Accelerate Data Insights Services

Calligo’s Founder and CEO, Julian Box, speaks to eChannelNews regarding the acquisition of Decisive Data, a pioneer in data analytics, data science and visualization, boosting Calligo’s existing data insights team and capabilities.

British MSP Calligo Buys Decisive Data To Build Data Analytics Muscle

Julian Box, Calligo’s Founder & CEO, provides his insight on why and how MSPs should start focusing on data first and technology second to ensure they futureproof their business.

Transform Your MSP into a Valued Data Partner

Julian Box, Calligo’s Founder & CEO, provides his insight on why and how MSPs should start focusing on data first and technology second to ensure they futureproof their business.

MSP buyers weigh M&A integration vs. independence

Calligo’s CEO, Julian Box, gives his expert view on MSP M&A after completing the purchase of Decisive Data, the 10th in Calligo’s history.

CEO of data services MSP opens up on expanding into the US and closing tenth acquisition

CRN UK spoke to Julian Box, Calligo’s Founder & CEO, about Calligo expanding its footprint into the US market after acquiring data analytics partner Decisive Data.

Calligo Acquires Decisive Data, Beefs Up Data Insights Services

Calligo announces its acquisition of Decisive Data, a provider of data analytics, data science and visualization., making this Calligo’s 10th acquisition since it launched in 2012, and the fifth during the pandemic.

Why a Data First Approach is the Key to a Successful Digital Transformation

Calligo, Founder and CEO, Julian Box, discusses how every business leader has digital transformation on their mind, and why they need a data strategy, and the importance of data safety.

Secret CSO: Mark Herridge

IDG Connect interviews Calligo CISO, Mark Herridge, about his career journey, as well his thoughts on upcoming cybersecurity trends for 2021. such the rise of machine learning and integration of AI into security programmes to improve data safety (privacy, security & governance).

The new US Administration should focus on these Data Privacy points

Calligo’s VP of Data Ethics and Privacy, Sophie Chase-Borthwick, joined The Cyberwire Podcast, Caveat, to discuss “The Top 3 Data Privacy Points the New U.S. Administration Must Focus On”

6 business benefits of data protection and GDPR compliance

Sophie Chase-Borthwick, Calligo VP of Data Ethics and Privacy, discusses how when GDPR is approached logically, businesses gain a better understanding of data being collected and how it moves throughout their organization.

Reed Smith partners with data services company to pair action with advice

Announcement of Calligo’s partnership with Reed Smith LLP to provide each other’s clients with full suite of data protection services, including legal frameworks for data’s use and DPO as a Service.

Data privacy expectations in 2021: Trends to watch

Calligo’s VP of Data Ethics & Data Privacy, Sophie Chase-Borthwick, spoke to Security Magazine about how the pandemic forced businesses to address data privacy by having to balance public health, legal obligation, public interest, employee care and personal privacy, and the privacy trends we can expect to see in 2021.

How the Channel Is Preparing for Brexit

Jon Williams, Calligo CTO, gives his thoughts alongside some of the largest vendors and distributors on the impact of Brexit on the channel and MSPs.


Calligo acquires UK MSP Network Integrity Services

Channel Futures takes another deep-dive into Calligo’s strategy, after making its fourth acquisition of 2020, and investigates Calligo’s overall goal of changing the face of IT managed services.

Acquisitive Calligo snaps up ‘rare find’ in UK MSP Network Integrity Services

Channel Partner Insight covers Calligo’s fourth acquisition of the year and first in the UK: Network Integrity Services.

Cinnte acquisition shows Calligo looking beyond Brexit

Calligo’s CEO and Founder, Julian Box, interviews with TechCentral.ie and discusses why he believes data, not technology is the future of managed services and why Calligo has invested so heavily in Ireland during 2020.

Calligo Continues Acquisition Strategy with Cinnte Technologies Buy

Channel Futures interviews Julian Box to find out more about how Calligo’s strategy of acquisition and organic growth supports Calligo’s ability to stand apart from the rest of the MSP market.

Calligo buys Irish-based Cinnte Technologies

One of Ireland’s top national business publications covers Calligo’s acquisition of Cavan- and Dublin-based Cinnte Technologies.

Calligo boss on M&A spree: ‘We acquire in a jurisdiction and then we push hard’

Following the acquisition of Cinnte Technologies in Ireland, CRN interviews our Founder & CEO, Julian Box, to discover more about Calligo’s growth strategy and why the future is so promising.

‘Many businesses want to be MSPs but still see it as selling technology’

Calligo’s Founder & CEO, Julian Box, spoke to New Statesman Tech to discuss why the current MSP model is flawed, and how Calligo has set itself apart from other MSPs by focusing on the importance of data, not technology alone.

Why data governance matters: Use, trade, intellectual property, and diplomacy

The Atlantic Council – a world-renowned lobbyist – cites Julian Box’s views on the technical differences between data localization, sovereignty and residency.

MSP 501 Flashback: On Repositioning, Ramping Up with 2019 MSP of the Year Finalist Calligo

Channel Futures sat down with Julian Box, CEO & Founder of Calligo, the data-first provider, to see what Calligo has been up to and how it stands apart from traditional MSPs.

‘Buyers hope to turn ashes into phoenixes’ – How COVID-19 will shape MSP acquisitions in 2020 and 2021

Based on our M&A track record, Channel Partner Insight asked Julian Box, founder and CEO of Calligo, to provide his thoughts on how future MSP M&A trends are being shaped by COVID-19.

Calligo appoints Mark Hickman as chief operations officer

Managed data service provider, Calligo, appoints experienced data and security executive, Mark Hickman, as Chief Operations Officer.

Calligo buys Cork and Dublin-based Itomic Voice & Data

Jersey-based Calligo has bought Cork and Dublin-based Itomic Voice & Data for an undisclosed sum.

MSP makes second Irish acquisition of the year

UK MSP Calligo claims it has become one of Ireland’s largest players through snapping up local outfit Itomic Voice & Data. Based in the cities of Dublin and Cork, Itomic Voice & Data is an SME-focused managed services firm that has been operating for the last 12 years.

Zoom Lawsuit Brings Video Conferencing Security Into the Spotlight

Zoom has recently come under fire for security issues, raising the alarm for businesses. Here experts share their tips for more secure video conferencing.

Privacy: How to “sell” Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design is a longstanding concept which organisations have had to become more familiar with over the last few years and has become an integral part of both modern privacy regulations (most famously, GDPR) and data subjects’ expectations.

Artificial Intelligence: A smooth adoption of automation

It is one of the critical topics of the day, but what steps can accounting firms take to adopt AI into their practices? Will Shilson, VP of client technology at Calligo, provides a practical overview of how firms can implement AI.

Data and privacy firm Calligo snaps up Dublin-based DC Networks

Marking its sixth acquisition in three years, Jersey-based Calligo has added IT services provider DC Networks to its portfolio.

MSP Calligo Acquires Microsoft Azure Cloud partner DC Networks

Calligo, an MSP focused on data privacy, has acquired DC Networks, a managed IT services provider (MSP) and Microsoft Azure cloud partner.

Global data specialist Calligo acquires Dublin’s DC Networks

Dublin-based IT managed services provider DC Networks has been bought by Calligo as the global data and privacy specialist seeks to expand its European presence.

MSP moves into Ireland with acquisition of Azure specialist

Calligo announces it acquisition of Dublin-based MSP, DC Networks LTD.


Practice productivity tips with Microsoft Office 365

Will Shilson, Calligo’s VP Client Technology, joins AccountingWeb for a webinar discussion on the value of Microsoft Office 365 to accounting firms.

Providing stability through transformation

Julian Box explains how MSPs need to evolve to meet the modern client’s needs.

MSP of the Year: Calligo Hits Privacy Out of the Park

Julian Box is interviewed by Channel Futures on how Calligo was handpicked as the most innovative and forward-thinking Managed Services Provider from amongst the “MSP 501” – the leading MSPs in the world.

IT firm, Calligo, nabs top spot in global industry awards

Announcement of Calligo’s awards victory, winning “MSP of the Year” from amongst the top 501 IT managed service providers in the world.

Better safe than sorry: why cybersecurity investment is non-negotiable

Will Shilson, VP Client Technology Strategy, gives his views and advice on cybersecurity in the accountancy space.

Financial services and the hybrid cloud

Julian Box gives his expert view to Silicon UK on the opportunity and advantages of hybrid cloud for the financial services sector.

Why GDPR regulations still apply to North American firms

It’s crucial that businesses operating in the US and Canada learn about why GDPR regulations apply to them. In this article, Calligo’s Sophie Chase-Borthwick explains the importance of GDPR and how it affects North American businesses, as well as three common myths surrounding GDPR that could put a business at risk.

Is Your Company Managing Data Across Borders? Here’s What You Need To Know

One of the key issues is that the terminology surrounding data as a whole can be easily misunderstood and ultimately, misconstrued, putting businesses at greater risk of falling foul to the new rules. This article will uncover the subtle differences behind ‘data sovereignty’, ‘data residency’ and ‘data localisation’.

How to ensure your IT strategy is strategic, not reactive

Julian Box, Founder & CEO, discusses how companies can ensure that their outsourced IT partners deliver value for their business.

Don’t let your data scientists get bogged down in ‘tedious work’ – automate!

Craig Parfitt, VP of global insight services, Calligo, argues that data scientists should be deriving insights from data, not building models.

Calligo ranked amongst the world’s top 100 Managed Service Providers

The MSP 501 recognizes and ranks the best MSPs in the world, and Calligo joins at 98th.

Calligo ranked among top Managed Services Providers

Calligo has been named a top managed service provider (MSP) on a prestigious global ranking.

5 tech startups from UK are working hard to protect us from data privacy breaches

Silicon Canals has named Calligo as one of 5 tech startups that take data privacy seriously and who have instilled this ethos throughout their services.

Getting to know Julian Box

Canadian SME interviews our CEO Julian Box about the company’s innovative cloud and data optimization services which have all been built with data-privacy at the forefront.

The importance of data privacy in digital transformation

Sophie Chase-Borthwick, our director of Data Ethics & Privacy, explains the importance of making privacy a priority during a business’ digital transformation

Calligo Acquires Microsoft Azure, Office 365 Cloud Partner Connected Technologies

Calligo acquires Connected Technologies, making it one of the largest IT managed services providers serving the Greater Toronto Area, as well as having the largest concentration of CPA customers in the region.

Jersey-based MSP acquires in Canada

Announcement of Calligo’s third Canadian acquisition, Connected Technologies.

Calligo acquires Connected Technologies Inc

Canadian SME covers Calligo’s acquisition of Connected Technologies, focusing on Calligo’s new dominance of the IT needs of the Canadian CPA industry.

Data Sovereignty versus Data Residency versus Data Localization

Julian Box, our CEO, highlights the important distinctions between three very different terms: data sovereignty, data localization and data residency.

CISO’s in Finance: How to lead the privacy strategy

Sophie Chase-Borthwick, Director of Data Ethics and Privacy, shows CISOs in Financial Services how to lead data privacy as part of their security strategy, and not let it take over.

Artificial Intelligence in 2019: 26 Predictions for Business Operations

Julian Box, Calligo CEO, gives his views alongside other AI experts on how the use of machine learning will evolve in 2019.

Balancing data privacy with ambitious IT projects for digital transformation

Sophie Chase-Borthwick, our director of Data Ethics & Privacy, explains how to incorporate Privacy by Design into businesses’ digital transformation ambitions.

Ensuring your business utilises artificial intelligence ethically

Our CEO, Julian Box, argues for data ethics to be the starting point for any business’ AI project.

A Guide To The Mutating Ethics Of GDPR

How the greatest problem in GDPR is the over-emphasis of the need for consent, and the distortion of what an ethical use of personal data really looks like.


Compliance is feeling GDPR’s growing pains

Sophie Chase-Borthwick, Director of Data Ethics and Privacy, interviewed by Compliance Week on GDPR’s first six months and how businesses are responding to it.

7 steps to prepare your business for AI

Julian Box highlights the seven most critical areas of your business to examine before deploying AI technology, ranging from strategy and culture to technology architecture and ethics.

Introducing the ‘periodic table of data privacy’

Our Periodic Table of Data Privacy is an industry first and was recently reviewed in depth by the International Association of Privacy Professionals

Data adequacy post-Brexit

This article explores the importance of the Brexit outcome on matters such as the UK’s data adequacy, and the impact on companies’ data processing should no deal be struck

The data ethics of GDPR are changing

Our Director of Data Ethics and Privacy, Sophie Chase-Borthwick, discusses how a widespread, excessive focus on consent in GDPR is affecting the perception of what is an ethical use of personal data.

Calligo expanding its Microsoft Azure stack services in Toronto

Deployment to provide data residency assurances to Canadian and US businesses concerned about GDPR, CLOUD Act or regulator approval, and creates one of the world’s largest networks of multi-tenant Azure Stacks

The CLOUD Act | Shaking up the CSP market

The CLOUD Act creates new capabilities for the US Government to access personal data beyond its borders. But how does this affect the cloud industry? And what does this mean companies should expect of their CSPs?

Cloudian supports Calligo development of GDPR-compliant storage services

Our CEO, Julian Box, was interviewed by Intelligent CIO Europe to understand more about how Calligo’s technology, supported by Cloudian HyperStore, is purpose-built for companies keen to address GDPR.

How the CLOUD Act will affect the way cloud providers serve their customers

How does the CLOUD Act change cloud service providers’ obligations to their customers?

What GDPR means for publishers’ privacy policies

GDPR is almost upon us. If you haven’t updated your privacy policies yet, here’s what you need to know and how to get it done quickly.

Calligo acquires Mico Systems

Mico joins 3 Peaks in being gobbled up by cloud firm

Channel Islands data firm buys Canadian IT specialist

Calligo, the Channel Islands-based data optimisation and privacy specialist, has acquired Mico Systems, a Canadian specialist in outsourced IT management for small-to-medium-sized clients.

Cloud service providers don’t make you GDPR compliant – but some can help

Why can’t cloud service providers make you GDPR compliant?

The cloud is a strategic priority requiring skills that few providers possess

Starting a cloud strategy? Ask, fundamentally, how can the cloud and its capabilities be aligned to the requirements of the business over the next five or more years?

Data protection now demands superhuman qualities – here’s how to find them

What does the role of Data Protection Officer entail and does your organisation need to appoint one?

How can a business find the right data protection officer?

Meeting data regulation obligations has always been problematic, but the stakes are about to increase substantially with the advent of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

2017 & Older

GDPR means businesses must show they are serious about cloud data privacy

The prospect of ambulance-chasing lawyers interesting themselves in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now very real.

Canadian solution provider gets acquired by UK firm

Calligo, a UK-based global cloud solution provider, has purchased 3 Peaks Inc., a well-recognized solution provider in Burlington, Ontario.

Calligo Acquires Canadian-based Cloud Services Business

Calligo, a leading global cloud solution provider, is excited to announce that it has purchased Canadian cloud services provider 3 Peaks Inc.

Calligo acquires Luxembourg IT business

Cloud services provider Calligo has purchased AMS Systems PSF – a Luxembourg-based IT Services business that provides managed services and cloud infrastructure to the financial services sector

The 7 deadly sins of enterprise data management

From lust to sloth to pride, many businesses are guilty of sins against data. Here’s what to look out for and how to turn from data sinner to data saint.

Beware the GDPR ‘no win, no fee ambulance chasers’ – experts

Companies told to quit hoarding customer data and get a grip on where it’s held

GDPR has businesses worried about cloud services

More than nine in ten (93 per cent) of companies worry about storing their data in the cloud, once GDPR kicks in.

90% of firms concerned about GPDR’s impact on cloud storage

Survey reveals that companies are highly concerned about the regulations’ impact on cloud services

The cloud in the enterprise: to fly with confidence businesses now need much greater visibility

Adam Ryan, GDPR Practice Lead at Calligo, says with many organisations having an imperfect understanding of either their cloud operations or the looming regulatory requirements, more clarity is needed at all levels for any chance of success

Calligo acquires Fusion Systems’ IT services division

Jersey-based cloud services provider Calligo has purchased the IT services division of Fusion Systems, which operates from Guernsey.

Top tips for navigating the GDPR minefield

It’s time to get ready for new data protection rules.

Crunch time for GDPR – how to prepare. Eight steps to compliance.

All organisations based at least partially online and handling data across the EU must comply with the new GDPR rules yet 69 percent of UK businesses are not ready. Being unprepared is dangerous warns Dr Jamie Graves.

Ransomware on the rise: how to prevent an attack

C-Suite neglect GDPR compliance with less than a year to go

10 people on average are needed for an organisation to achieve GDPR compliance.

Majority of UK boards neglecting GDPR while retail suffers breaches

Companies are likely to be closed down by swinging EU penalty fines next year given the failure of the C-Suite to prepare for GDPR despite rising breaches in the retail sector.

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