Viaje is our proprietary data optimization management system, through which our clients manage their data and access their services

A single platform that makes your data continuously available, adherent and actionable

Viaje is our proprietary data optimization management system, through which our customers can manage every facet of their data – its hosting and location, its availability, its privacy adherence and its intelligent use.  




Multi-Cloud Management 

Multi-cloud management through Viaje is simple. Finitely manage the performance of individual cloud environments – whether CloudCore,  Microsoft Azure, AWS or private – and easily migrate data and applications between them.


Data Residency & Sovereignty

Easily see exactly where all your data is and how it is being used. Ensure that sensitive or regulated data is held only in suitable jurisdictions and facilities, and that every data interaction adheres to applicable data privacy regulations. 


Customer Service Desk Portal

Viaje is the interface for Calligo’s Customer Service Desk and our Strategic IT Services. Receive updates on the proactive monitoring and management of your environments’ performance and security, and submit support requests.


Data Privacy

Viaje is also the portal through which Data Privacy Services are delivered.

GAP Analysis and Alignment projects are overseen through the portal, while activities and communications relating to Assurance and Privacy Officer services, including privacy policy reviews, Data Protection Impact Assessments and interactions with data subjects are also run through Viaje.



Data Insights & Automation

Calligo’s Data Insights services are accessed and managed through Viaje. Prepare your datasets, create algorithms and run detailed analysis through the platform, while constantly ensuring that data subjects’ privacy is maintained.

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