Calligo is one of the Top 20 MSPs in the world

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Calligo is one of the Top 20 MSPs in the world

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By Will Gardiner on 29 July 2020

Calligo leaps from a Top 100 MSP to reach the global Top 20 in only 12 months.


In Channel Futures’ 13th prestigious annual ranking of MSPs, Calligo has been announced as the 18th highest performing managed services provider in the world.


This year for the first time, thousands of MSPs from around the world were ranked under a new methodology that rewards not only size and total revenue, but also wider indicators of the health, strength and value of a business.


As was said on the virtual announcement of the rankings:

“Our new methodology better reflects market conditions and the reality of what makes a top MSP - resilience in the market, a sustainable and profitable commercial model, efficiency in service delivery, and of course their focus on providing reliable services that deliver continuous value to customers.”


“It is the only global ranking of managed services providers that reflects what is truly valuable to customers and investors alike." 

Kris Blackmon, Senior Content Director at Channel Futures and MSP 501 principal



Calligo was ranked the world’s 18th strongest MSP on this new methodology, demonstrating the value of its equal focuses on driving efficiency and innovation internally, alongside continually delivering high value managed data services.

In 2019, Calligo was ranked 98th in the MSP 501 under the previous revenue-centric methodology, and won MSP of the Year for its vision, approach and service delivery.


“The new rankings methodology places importance on the same strategic and customer-centric goals that Calligo has valued since day one. Revenue is of course important for any business, but we have always placed greater emphasis on ensuring that we are consistently delivering value to our customers. This ranking is a powerful external validation of the wisdom and savvy of our commercial approach, and a vital endorsement of the reliability and quality of our managed data services and their value to our customers.”


“But I am most pleased for our team. We have grown rapidly in the last year or so, completing three acquisitions, two of which were completed in the first six months of the year, plus some substantial organic growth. This announcement rewards the hard work of every member of the Calligo team and gives us all – new and long-standing, from the front line to the back office – renewed confidence and conviction in the Calligo mission.”


Julian Box, Founder & CEO, Calligo



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