Calligo joins the Top 100 of the Growth List 2020

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Calligo joins the Top 100 of the Growth List 2020

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By Will Gardiner on 15 October 2020

For the first time, Calligo has been included in the official ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses, entering the Top 100 at its first attempt, ranked 84th overall and the 9th highest IT company. 


The Growth List 2020 is based on the five-year revenue growth of Canada’s top private and public independent companies. Entrants submit information on sales, revenue, marketing, strategy and staffing, plus complete financial statements for the fiscal periods, which are then verified and ordered by Canadian Business, the media publication behind the Growth List for the last 32 years.


While Calligo’s growth has been in part through acquisition – most notably in Canada through the acquisitions of Pacific Online, Mico Systems and Connected Technologies – it has more importantly also been organic.


Since 2012, Calligo has been at the forefront of supporting businesses in North America and Europe make the safest and most productive use of their data. Our unique portfolio of managed data services makes data continuously and safely available to every appropriate user, driving productivity and innovation no matter where they may be located – and never has this support been more important to businesses than now.


“We have been included in the 2020 Growth List because of our customers, and their recognition of the importance of the availability, security, cost-efficiency, residency, privacy and governance of their data – and the complexity of meeting these objectives simultaneously.


“We have then been ideally placed to support them because of our heritage in data privacy and cloud technologies and our continuous creation of innovative, new services that drive more value out of data.


“But really, it is our customer-first approach to managed services that has made the difference. 2020 continues to require us, even more so than usual, to support our customers diligently, swiftly, accurately and innovatively. I am often thankful for the professionalism and dedication of our team, and never more delighted than when we frequently hear unsolicited positive feedback from our customers of how we’re making a difference to their organisations.”


Julian Box, Founder & CEO of Calligo



2020 has been a year where the importance of the availability of data and its continuous protection and governance have been brought into sharp focus – and where limitations have been shown to be intolerable.


“Since our inception, we have grown rapidly in size, revenues and geographic spread, but more importantly, also in capability, innovation and relevance. The challenges of 2020 have shown the stark difference in performance between those who can put data safely in the hands of the people who need it and can use it best, and those who cannot, creating heightened demand for our services and putting us on the brink of further impressive growth.”


Julian Box, Founder & CEO of Calligo




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