CRN names Calligo in its 2021 ‘Elite 150’ MSPs

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CRN names Calligo in its 2021 ‘Elite 150’ MSPs

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By Will Gardiner on 16 February 2021

Today, CRN published its annual MSP 500 – a ranking of the leading North American IT managed services providers.


Calligo was named as one of the Elite 150 the top subcategory reserved for the largest service providers and those with their own managed cloud services capabilities and services.


The MSP 500 aims to recognise innovative and forward-thinking approaches to managed IT services and those MSPs with a focus on delivering powerful business outcomes with their services.


Calligo’s high position in the rankings was secured due to the unique breadth of its managed data services portfolio, and its ability to deliver commercial impact in more varied ways than traditional MSPs.


Rather than focusing on the maintenance and security of customers’ technology, Calligo’s focus is on the safety, availability and innovative commercial use of customers’ data.


This distinction has led Calligo to build an industry-renowned portfolio of services that ensure customers’ continuous adherence to data privacy obligations (Data Privacy Services), create stable, reliable and high-performing foundations for customers’ data and its continuous availability (IT Managed Services and Managed Cloud Services), and then also support customers in their eagerness to investigate, innovate and automate with their data (Data Insights Services).




“The truth is, we are not satisfied with the current MSP model. We strongly believe that the days of claiming to deliver value as an MSP by maintaining technology environments are numbered. The business world is moving too fast towards appreciating the potential and risk of data, and customers’ expectations are becoming more sophisticated and varied as a result. Data’s continuous availability and security is of course vital, but it is table stakes.


Businesses also need to know how they are and are not allowed to use their data, what condition it is in, what uses it could be put to and what secrets it holds. They are being told time and again by the industry how potent their data is, whether in terms of its dangers or its opportunity. And they need a service provider who can help. There is no place in that scenario for an MSP that can simply secure endpoints and networks.”

Julian Box, Founder & CEO, Calligo





The Channel Company

“The solution providers on CRN’s 2021 MSP 500 list deserve recognition for their innovative and forward-thinking approaches to managed services, and the ability to optimize operational efficiencies and systems to maximize return on investments.”

Blaine Raddon, CEO of The Channel Company





“Accolades such as this industry ranking are just one of many ways in which I am continually reminded of the great work our team does for our customers. 2020 was an incredibly busy year, but also a highly successful one. It is not possible to complete four acquisitions, achieve substantial organic growth and develop new innovative and well-received managed data services – all of which were major factors to this ranking – without the remarkable effort of a talented team”


Julian Box, Founder & CEO, Calligo




Calligo's Managed Data Services

We are the world's first end-to-end managed data services provider, with a global track record in improving organizations' productivity & profitability by making their data more available, secure and safe.


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