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Data Privacy and Data Security Recommendations for COVID-19

The speed that COVID-19 spread around the globe and the lockdown that followed has caught many companies off guard, and there’s a good chance that you may even be reading this in a hastily-assembled home office, in your kitchen or a spare bedroom.

For some, the ability to keep data secure has been torpedoed by unexpected, sudden volumes of employees working from home, relying on domestic networks and personal devices. Similarly, there has been widespread confusion over how to balance employees’ privacy and confidentiality with the broader obligation of staff protection and even civil responsibility.

Navigating these times is difficult but there is some comfort in knowing that even during this emergency situation, the normal rules still apply.

Our Data Privacy team has released new guidance on the Data Security and Data Privacy concerns of the ‘new normal’, in order to help businesses follow data privacy rules and security best practice, while protecting the health and preserving the productivity of their staff.

The briefing document contains:

  1. Work from home data security recommendations
  2. How to balance GDPR data privacy principles during COVID-19
  3. The most common questions that our clients are asking us, and the best practice ways to address them.

Some of the Data Privacy FAQs addressed include:

  1. Can we tell our staff that a colleague may have contracted COVID-19?
  2. Can we require visitors or employees to disclose health information to determine if they have symptoms of COVID-19?
  3. Will we be allowed more time to respond to Data Subjects Rights Requests or notify authorities of Personal Data Breaches during the pandemic?

To download your free copy of this briefing document, visit our landing page here