Calligo joins the world’s Top 100 Public Cloud MSPs

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Calligo joins the world’s Top 100 Public Cloud MSPs

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By Will Gardiner on 20 November 2020

Calligo ranked as one of the strongest Public Cloud MSP globally, based on its Microsoft Azure skills and scale, and the standing of its public cloud platform, CloudCore


In the third annual global index of Public Cloud MSPs - the top managed IT service providers (MSPs) that support customers on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and more – Calligo has been included at 98th



Channel-Top-250 Public Cloud Providers


The rankings were based on a detailed survey plus extensive research and groundwork by the ChannelE2E team, publishers of the index and accompanying market data, and one of the most respected publications in the global managed services industry.


Calligo was highlighted in the webcast announcing the index, with Joe Pannettieri from ChannelE2E commenting specifically on our M&A strategy and overall offering:


The public cloud market continues to grow rapidly, but only a small subset of the overall MSP market has successfully capitalized. Public Cloud MSPs are scaling rapidly, and many in the top 100 are driven by external investment and mergers and acquisitions. With such support, Calligo is offering far more than infrastructure management – data is a big opportunity.

Joe Pannettieri, ChannelE2E



Calligo reached the top 100 Public Cloud MSPs because of the scale, breadth and quality of its managed cloud services. Not only is Calligo a Gold Partner for its Microsoft Azure services – a sign of the number of qualified cloud experts we have and the degree of our experience with the platform, especially in strategically complex projects – but we also provide our own public cloud platform, CloudCore.


CloudCore is the first public cloud platform to be designed with data privacy and sovereignty at its heart and is well-accredited for data safety, including ISO 27001, SOC 2:1 and PCI-DSS datacentres. It is also twice as fast as AWS and Google for enterprise and SME machine learning workloads, resulting in greater accuracy and half the margin of error.


We have grown rapidly from offering expert managed cloud services based on our own platform in very specific jurisdictions, to now delivering that same expertise across more jurisdictions and also based on the Microsoft Azure platform. Public cloud services are absolutely our heritage, but it is our approach that makes the difference.


Unusually amongst our peers in the Top 100, we don't look at the cloud as simply a more cost-effective and efficient route to better data access, but also as a key element of continuous data safety. Put the right mechanisms, security protocols and oversight around the way in which you store your data, and you are immediately combatting many of the threats and concerns facing businesses today - cyberthreats, privacy breaches and governance failures to name only a few. 


And with the changes to business practices that have emerged throughout 2020, it has become highly evident which organizations have prioritized continuously safe and available data and which have not, creating heightened demand for managed data services and putting us in an enviable position for continued growth.

Julian Box, CEO & Founder, Callligo



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