Calligo wins Growth MSP of the Year

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Calligo wins Growth MSP of the Year

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By Will Gardiner on 11 June 2021

Yesterday, it was revealed virtually that Calligo won Channel Partner Insight’s North American MSP Innovation Awards 2021 Growth MSP of the Year.


This was the third annual North American MSP Innovation Awards 2021, run by Channel Partner Insight, the transatlantic channel business publication.


MSP innovation awards - growth MSP of the Year (2)


Calligo won this award, our sixth piece of recognition for 2021, by virtue of our growth in three key areas:




Territorial growth

In 2020, we expanded into Ireland, acquiring three of the most known and well-regarded independent MSPs in the territory in only 10 months: DC Networks, Itomic Voice & Data and Cinnte Technologies.


The combination of these three acquisitions made Calligo one of the largest MSPs in Ireland, and the only one to offer data privacy support at the heart of every service.  


It also provides us with a vital European presence for our North American customers requiring support from within the EU – vital when post-Brexit, data residency and privacy questions made our UK presence unsuitable.


development 5


Service growth

Even before COVID-19, we were determined to provide more relevant managed services – a portfolio that would help our customers be better able to make their data securely, compliantly and reliably available anywhere, and use it to drive intelligent decision making by every user. This would set us far apart from the typical, commoditized MSP model of ‘maintain and secure technology’.


Then COVID-19 struck. Customer needs changed overnight. The agility and resilience their future depended on required the same capabilities of their data that we were already preparing to deliver. In 2020, we launched Machine Learning as a Service.


Delivered by data scientists, privacy experts and technologists, this is the first and only managed service to simultaneously address all six key barriers to machine learning: data quality, complexity, security, accuracy, data privacy and cost.



Machine Learning
as a Service

Cut through the complexity of machine learning and access safe, consumable, enterprise-level insights, affordably and without the need for data science resources



Commercial growth

These efforts and milestones, plus remarkable organic growth, led to impressive performance in all other key growth metrics, including headcount and sustained yearly growth in annual recurring revenues.


Calligo has had impressive growth, financially, in head count, and in terms of the scope of its services. A huge congratulations for a very well deserved win.

Judges' comments 



“Our impressive and multi-faceted growth in the last 12 months has been driven by three things: the now clearly undeniable appetite for managed services that transform businesses’ perception, consumption and use of data; the acceleration of demand for these services post-COVID as businesses realised the safe and intelligent use of their data was key to their survival; and the remarkable efforts of our team.


“I am proud that the value of our services and approach has been publicly validated by this award, but most of all, I am proud of the talent, resilience and effort of our team.


“Every team member, at every level and in every department, contributed to this award win. The creation of a triple-acquisition new territory, the launch of a world first managed service, all while tackling the notorious disruption that 2020 caused for us and our customers – it is a spectacular achievement for us all to share in.”

Julian Box, Founder & CEO, Calligo



You can hear more of Julian’s comments and thoughts in this exclusive video interview conducted by Channel Partner Insights’ editor, Nima Green.


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