Cloud News - Five stories that you need to read

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Cloud News - Five stories that you need to read

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By Calligo on 11 March 2019

The beginning of the year is always “predictions time”, and 2019 was no different.

In this blog, we have pulled out the five most important cloud news, articles and predictions round-ups that we feel are essential for senior IT leaders to be aware of.


2019 Cloud Predictions Part 1 and Part 2

From rapid scale-ups within enterprises to the evolution of what next-generation cloud services are going to look like, these two articles – Part 1 & Part 2 – discuss the cloud trends to look out for in 2019.


We found the comments in Part 1 about the growth in hybrid cloud deployments particularly interesting. To echo Cavirin’s thoughts, we feel that enterprises are increasingly wanting to extract the most possible value out of their data. While some will continue to focus on “just getting their apps to work in the cloud”, more innovative organizations will be aiming to be more thoughtful about where their workloads can be best accommodated, without losing performance.


It is exactly this mindset that drives many to consider a Hybrid Azure deployment. Read more about how our hybrid cloud services can benefit your business, here.


For better or for worse: Why your brand reputation is hitched to your
ability to manage and protect data

Global brands are now increasingly aware of how their reputation could be tarnished by being seen to be mismanaging customers’ data. Brands such as Facebook, Uber and Marriott have shown that when data is managed incorrectly and disrespectfully, customers will lose faith – often vocally and loudly.


In fact, there is an unusual dynamic at play here. Companies risk equal damage whether they are acting technically in breach of laws and regulations, or perceived to be acting unethically. Some would even argue that unscrupulous actions trigger a stronger reaction than technically non-compliant or even illegal ones.


This article on FleishmanHillardFishburn’s research into consumers’ expectations of companies’ treatment of data stresses the importance of strategically prioritizing data privacy and data ethics as part of their culture to protect their brand’s reputation.


Our vision is to work with businesses in creating an IT and cloud strategy that has data privacy and data ethics at its heart, enabling them to become one of the “Group 3” businesses as described in this article, ensuring their customers’ data safety is a strategic priority. Take a look at our Cloud Strategy Services for more information.

How severe cloud skills gap will impact company culture

In research conducted by Gartner, an issue businesses are facing within their veteran IT teams is an unwillingness to develop the skills required to navigate the cloud.


Additionally, they noted that nearly 95% of respondents found hiring roles within IT Operations, DevOps and IT Engineering “somewhat difficult” due to the major gap in cloud skills, impacting the future of their business’ digital innovation. Also, due to the severe lack of skills, those with the right skill set are becoming highly sought after, driving up salaries.


We’ve noticed an increase in business leaders not only struggling to find the right candidate with the right skills and culture fit, but also wanting to keep hiring cost down. Instead of investing in internal IT teams, more organizations are looking at hiring a fully managed  IT service, especially by those that are a heritage in cloud deployment and management.


Find out how our IT Managed Services can bring the right skills and expertise to your business and drive your company’s innovation and while reducing costs. Read our guide here.


Maturity Of technology is spurring cloud adoption

A common message recurring constantly throughout the industry is that cloud adoption is on the rise. There have been new “revelations” on this point almost every week for the last few months. The difference with this article is that it proposes why.


Essentially, it comes down to comfort and results: “As IT decision makers have experienced the impressive benefits of the cloud, they have broadened their adoption to more sophisticated technologies… We’re seeing a virtuous cycle, as comfort with one technology results in lightning-speed adoption of others.”


But the findings also showed that there has recently been a switch in what obstructs cloud adoption – technology used to be the greatest barrier, but now it’s culture. IT teams therefore need to ensure that their wider businesses are accepting of the agility and continuous development that innovative use of the cloud can bring.


This culture change, along with technology consultancy and compliance advice, is a crucial part of our Managed Cloud Services.


What to look for in a secure cloud system

Businesses are becoming more and more aware of the need for excellent data security from their SaaS vendors, and also that not all SaaS providers deliver the same level of security.


From information access to protecting their customers’ data, this article from Wolters Kluwer looks at the top security points companies should look for from SaaS platforms – and that providers need to ensure they have addressed within their infrastructure.


Here at Calligo, our cloud services are built with data privacy and security as our priority. With our range of technologies and continuously-improved processes, we have created a service that ensures your customers’ data is secure and protected throughout its journey.




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