International Data Protection Day 2019

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International Data Protection Day 2019

By Sophie Chase-Borthwick on 28 January 2019

Every year since 2006, the privacy industry has celebrated Data Protection Day, or as it became known outside Europe, Data Privacy Day.


Please visit our newer resources page for International Data Privacy Day 2021, where you will find our more up-to-date content, including a new version of the Periodic Table of Data Privacy, and a review of the impact of Brexit on international data flows.



The day typically marks an opportunity for experts from the worlds of business, academia, consultancy and lawmakers to announce collaborations, hold crucial debates and work together to drive the privacy industry forward.


Arguably, privacy’s most vital next step is to make implementations of new policies and processes as successful as possible. The awareness stage is over – the dramatic rise in legislation in recent years and months is testament to that. As is the degree of attention that the media and its audience is paying to it. But the nature of the stories that the media is most often reporting shows us what the next step is: making the execution of new privacy-first strategies as unobstructive as possible.


In the related field of infosecurity, it has long been lamented that the easiest way to guarantee a breach is to make your processes and policies so frustrating that your workforce circumvent them. Privacy is the same.


Too many times have we seen reports of businesses completing their privacy audits, implementing new policies, but ‘frontline’ teams nonetheless either actively or naively bypassing them and falling foul of privacy legislation.

So our contribution to Data Privacy Day is aimed to help the industry better understand the nuances of privacy – not only in terms of what it requires, but also in terms of how to deliver it successfully.


We have built a dedicated resources page for Data Protection Day, including downloadable guides and observations from real-life client scenarios. We have also updated our famous Data Privacy Periodic Table with new legislation and future developments to be aware of, especially for today.

In the meantime, Happy Data Protection / Privacy Day!

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