Microsoft Office 365 to release updates that help businesses with their IT Security

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Microsoft Office 365 to release updates that help businesses with their IT Security

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By Calligo on 8 November 2019

This week at Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in Florida, Microsoft announced that it was releasing several updates in the near future on its Microsoft Azure and Office 365 products and services. The new updates aim to help customers with their IT security and compliance and will add an extra level of protection against cybersecurity threats such as malware attacks.


IT Security updates to Microsoft Office 365


One of the new security features for Microsoft Office 365 will provide businesses with additional cybersecurity protection against potentially malicious attachments. Microsoft’s “Application Guard for Office”, will work by isolating documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint and determines if the attachment is malicious or if it can be trusted.

Microsoft Security Corporate VP, Rob Lefferts said…


You will be able to open an untrusted Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file in a virtualized container…If the untrusted file is malicious, the attack is contained and the host machine untouched.


An additional security feature due to be rolled out is Advanced Threat Protection; the tool is designed for Admins to monitor, detect and alert them to potential malware attacks in Office 365. It will also provide administrators with alert options to detect and remove applications that have been installed by users without authorization.

These updates are currently in limited preview, but we will be watching closely for the release dates.


And while these updates are welcomed in the fight against cybercrime, especially since in 2018, 48% of infected email attachments were Microsoft Office files, there is still a lot of work to be done. In 2019, IT Security threats aren’t slowing down. For example, the number of phishing emails either with malicious attachments or links have risen with an estimated 1 in 99 emails recorded as a phishing attempt, with SMEs being the more favourable targets. And, for most businesses, employees are the weakest link when it comes to IT security – limited cybersecurity awareness coupled with human curiosity and naivety opens businesses up to cyber-attacks.


How Calligo can help


Our award-winning IT Managed Services has built-in IT Security Services that includes Office 365, IT security consultancy and employee awareness training that will protect your business against cybersecurity threats. If you’d like to find out more contact me directly – or visit our Managed Office 365 services here and our IT Security services here.

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