11 Crucial IT Skills Your Business Needs Access To

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11 Crucial IT Skills Your Business Needs Access To

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By Calligo on 23 December 2019

The demand for businesses wanting to take advantage of the latest technologies is ever-increasing, paired with business owners’ ambitions of non-stop innovation means having access to the right skill set is key to any digital transformation project.


However, not every business has the in-house technical skills required to implement transformative projects such as migrating to the cloud or exploring artificial intelligence, or even to maintain the “business as usual”. Such skills are rare, broad and often too expensive to consider investing in.


To combat this issue, many businesses outsource this requirement to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Here are 11 crucial IT skills the right MSP will deliver to your business

       IT Project Management

A good IT project manager is not only an excellent programme leader but also has the experience to know what additional – and less obvious – requirements need to be incorporated, ensuring the project is not only completed on time and on budget, but also that it meets all its strategic objectives.


       Cloud Migration

An MSP will be able to create a cloud migration strategy and recommend which cloud environment (public, private or hybrid) is best suited for your business. The team of experts will then be able to migrate your business to the cloud, with minimal disruption (if any!) avoiding typical pitfalls companies without the expertise fall in to.

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Having access to good IT helpdesk support is essential for any business’ continuous productivity. But this is more than password resets and network monitoring. For many businesses, key to their productivity is the support team’s ability to troubleshoot any issues with industry-specific applications – the ones that their business totally depends upon.


       Systems Integration

Most organizations’ ambitions to innovate depend on various tools and platforms sharing data amongst themselves. This requires systems integration, and a truly valuable MSP will be able to come up with practical solutions to ensure you can make the most of your data.


       Cloud Management

Cloud management means ensuring all your applications and services are optimized, and that all your data is securely and reliably available to your teams – a broad and complex set of skills in themselves.


       Network Diagramming

Many businesses have never been able to create, or seen the value in, an up to date visualization of their IT infrastructure. But without it, your business has no idea of the existence or lack of various software and hardware, preventing you from making value-adding decisions, such as economising or removing redundancies.


       Artificial Intelligence

Businesses that want to truly seize a competitive edge will naturally be investigating how they can put their valuable data to work, and what the potential benefits could be of automation or artificial intelligence. However, most MSPs are only capable of maintaining and securing your environment – in other words, focusing on your technology not your data. A more valuable MSP is one that understands your data flows, and your business, then help you discover where AI or automation could be most profitably introduced into your business, and expertly deploy the most suitable tools.


       Vendor Accreditations

It would not be commercially feasible for an in-house team to acquire expert accreditations in all the relevant technologies that your infrastructure consists of. But with an MS, you can benefit from the economies of scale and the breadth of their expertise.


       IT Security

IT Security is about more than technology-based defences. A good MSP will be able to ensure that your network is protected with typical anti-malware and anti-SPAM, firewalls etc, and monitor its ongoing resistance. They may also be able to deploy additional security features such as multi-factor authentication. But most vitally of all, considering the weak link that your workforce represents, a more valuable MSP will also be able to offer employee awareness training.



Your business needs to be as productive as possible, which will inherently require greater collaboration. Tools such as Microsoft Office 365 are ideal platforms for data-sharing, communication and project management – and even data insights. Make sure your business has the skills to not only deploy and maintain these tools, but also to train your teams in their effective use.


       Strategic Guidance

Most in-house teams deliver IT strategies that respond to the requests of the business and focus on the needs of today. Experienced MSPs on the other hand take your business’ ambitions, build IT strategies that use appropriate, innovative technologies to support them, and crucially, ensure your IT environment is futureproofed to meet the business’ likely future ambitions.


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