The 8 advantages of outsourcing your IT

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The 8 advantages of outsourcing your IT

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By Calligo on 18 December 2019

Most IT managed service providers claim to deliver the same three benefits:

   access to specialist skills

    reducing your IT costs

  delivering responsive helpdesk support


And, while these are undoubtedly valuable to any business, we believe there is plenty more to it. We could easily come up with several ways in which we think IT outsourcing benefits businesses, but earlier this year, we chose to ask our clients directly what advantages they had seen from entrusting their IT to us.


They came back with 101 different benefits. That’s 98 more than most MSPs would have you believe.


Those 101 benefits are categorized below into 8 themes (plus one bonus one). How many does your provider offer?

101-Benefits-to outsourcing IT to an MSP infographic


Maintaining ‘Business as Usual’

Gain the confidence that your employees have the right equipment to perform their roles, as well as access to a helpdesk that will be available when your business needs it. Not to forget the continuous monitoring of the security and performance of your network and routinely performing back-ups to ensure your IT is high performing, reliable and resilient.



Outsourcing to an MSP is a hassle-free way to migrate to the cloud or manage your cloud environment. They will be able to advise on which cloud is best suited for your business, either public, private or hybrid, and then migrate, deploy and manage. You can find out more about what it takes to move to the cloud, here.


IT Security

With countless headlines of data breaches, IT security has never been as crucial as it is today. An MSP will be able to recommend and implement security technology such as anti-malware, ransomware, virus and SPAM, as well as multi-factor authentication for all devices and applications used on your network. Additionally, a good MSP will be able to help your business’ weakest link – your employees – by providing on-going employee awareness training. 


Privacy & Compliance

Almost any business is required to show adherence to various compliance frameworks, whether data privacy laws or international, national and industry regulations. An added advantage of outsourcing to well-skilled MSPs is that they will often have a deep understanding of data, how it flows around your business, the risks it can create, and the nuances of a wide variety of data privacy, security and data governance requirements.


Financial ROI

Outsourcing your IT saves your business money. It removes the need to invest in expensive hires and training; provides economies of scale on hardware software and service packages; moves most of your expenditure from CAPEX to OPEX; and makes your spend far more predictable.


IT skills gap

MSPs provide you access to a number of technical IT skills that it would be prohibitively expensive to invest in yourself – from cloud migration and IT project management to vendor accreditations and systems integration.


Strategic Guidance

Business benefit-minded MSPs will provide you with a nominated strategic resource, commonly known as a vCIO, whose role is to identify how your wider business objectives can be supported or facilitated through technology, and making recommendations. They are also responsible for ensuring your business’ IT infrastructure is future-proofed, flexible to change or the addition of new tools, and for ensuring your internal best practices are appropriate, documented and adhered to.



By providing the right tools, like Microsoft Office 365, your workforce will be able to access your data from anywhere – this enables remote working, either from home, travelling or at client offices. Also, your teams will benefit from the collaboration applications Office 365 offers such as IM, video conferencing and file sharing.


All these benefits together form the foundation for an extra category of benefits from outsourcing your IT…



With a solid IT infrastructure, confidence in the legality and compliance of your data, and well-defined processes, your business will be ready to take advantage of some of the most advanced tools available, including data analytics, automation and machine learning applications. And crucially, your MSP will be able to recommend which technologies are most relevant and appropriate, and where in your business they’ll be most beneficial..



101 Benefits of Outsourcing your IT

The most comprehensive collection ever created of the potential benefits of outsourcing your IT to an MSP