5 ways Office 365 will benefit your business & enable remote working


5 ways Office 365 will benefit your business & enable remote working

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By Calligo on 13 December 2019

Microsoft Office 365 is an industry-leading, secure, cloud-based collaboration platform. But more often than not, Office 365 is mistaken for little more than email, Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the cloud. However, it is so much more.


Here are our top 5 reasons why migrating to Office 365 will benefit your business and help enable remoteworking.

red cloud Accessibility:
As long as they have an internet connection, with Office 365, your workforce will be able to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. This is particularly useful for organizations who operate across different geographies as well as have employees who work remotely, either through travelling, at-home offices or whilst at client offices.
Yellow icon showing improve collaboration Collaboration:
In addition to being able to work from anywhere, Office 365 has a range of impressive collaboration tools – from improved file sharing and multiple ways to communicate, including video conferencing, voice calls and chat. Many companies are even finding that these more natural, dialogue-based communication tools are.
Green IT security shieldImproved IT security:
  • Encrypted email: Keeping anyone other than the intended recipient from reading your emails.
  • Mobile device management: This enables your IT team to control how Office 365 is used on your employees’ mobile devices, and protect company information. If somebody’s device is lost or compromised, you can instantly delete your company’s data remotely.
  • Advanced threat analytics: This unique feature scans emails as they land into inboxes for malicious links and attachments preventing malware attacks.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Office 365 is enabled with full multi-factor authentication – a network security process that requires users to input more than one method of identity verification, and which combats more than 95% of small business cyber attacks.
Blue graph showing return of investment Cost-saving:
Office 365 is a subscription-based service, meaning businesses pay an annual or monthly fee per user, eliminating high up-front licence fee and renewal costs. And, thanks to Office 365’s scalability, organizations have the freedom to add and remove services or users as and when required, avoiding unnecessary spend.
purple lightning bolt showing increased productivityProductivity:
office 365 Office Suite – The Office products you know and trust, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
exchange online Exchange Online – Arguably the most functional and secure email client in the world
onedrive OneDrive – Enables your team to save, store and share their files securely
microsoft teams Teams – Customizable shared workspaces where you can chat, meet via video or voice, share files and collaborate

microsoft planner Planner – A project management app that integrates seamlessly with Teams, Office and OneDrive

power bi Power BI – Turn your data into insights, visualize your discoveries, and share them across your business.


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