Microsoft 365: Removing unnecessary and duplicated IT spend from around your organization

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Microsoft 365: Removing unnecessary and duplicated IT spend from around your organization

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By Calligo on 1 October 2020

Almost every conversation we have with our customers on how they can enable a remote workforce ends up with them having the same realization: Microsoft 365 will not only make them more productive but could save them $1000s.


Most of the commentary around Microsoft 365’s potential to save costs focuses simply on its cost-effectiveness compared to other platforms, and the productivity gains its features and interface can deliver. What is often left unsaid – and often underappreciated – is the amount of pre-existing spend Microsoft 365 can render unnecessary.


Following our well-attended panel discussion with Microsoft and Lenovo in July on Business Voice, we decided to bring the same three organizations back together to explore exactly which tools can be removed following a deployment of Microsoft 365, the pros and cons of doing so, and some specific examples of Calligo customers who had done exactly this.


The Panel


Scott Barrett

Chief Commercial


Will Shilson

VP Client Technology Strategy

Jared (2)

Jared Bernatt

Senior Product

NimaLenovo (1)

Nima Baiati

GM / Director of Cybersecurity Solutions



If you’d like to watch the entire panel discussion, you can sign-up to the on-demand webinar here.


In this blog, we round up the key topics and audience questions that were discussed during the panel. M365_Cost_Reduction_Mindmap

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365, formally known as Office 365, is an industry-leading, cloud-based collaboration platform. The Microsoft 365 suite of applications enables teams to securely access files, email and chats as well as hold meetings and make calls from any device, and from anywhere, making it the perfect solution for office-based or remote workers.


What is included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Microsoft 365 is purpose-built for small to mid-tier businesses, and many enterprises. Its mission is to support the productivity of any organization, no matter how complex or changeable its structure may be, while simultaneously addressing their security needs – all with easy-to-use tools.


Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes the familiar Office apps such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as secure cloud-based services such as Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and even Windows Virtual Desktop. The Business Premium package also includes additional IT security features such as Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Multi-Factor Authentication.


How much does Microsoft 365 Business Premium cost?

Microsoft 365 Business Premium costs as little as…





Union Jack-2 £15.10/user/month



How much can my business save by switching to Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Microsoft 365 Business Premium and its suite of cloud-based applications removes the need for businesses to pay for multiple platforms and services, typically saving them $1000s in IT spend, while improving productivity and the employee experience.


Some *typical examples seen across our customer base of applications and tools that have been removed in favour of Microsoft 365 Business Premium:

Microsoft_365_cost_comparison infographic



Replaces: On-premise File Servers, Document Management Systems, Workzone, Box + 

CCH Document Management

SharePoint is a cloud-based server, that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge and applications.”

Jared Bernatt, Microsoft


SharePoint is a shared document and content library and enables businesses to store and access information securely. It also has AI capabilities built-in to the search feature, enabling users to find relevant documents and files, including applications, images, and PDFs quickly. It is a remarkably capable, functional and secure tool that frequently out-performs incumbent platforms.


Customer example



A 60-person business in Canada, who handed the management of its Microsoft 365 and wider IT environment to Calligo, was recently shown to be able to save in the region of $36,000 per annum just by moving from an on-premises file server to SharePoint. In total, from replacing many more tools in favour of Microsoft 365, they realised savings of more than $50,000.


When a business shifts their workload from a traditional file server to Microsoft 365 SharePoint, they eliminate the need for the entire server, security, maintenance and support that goes with it.

William Shilson, Calligo




Replaces: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive + General Document Portals

OneDrive syncs with SharePoint and enables users to store, sync, and collaborate on files, in real-time, no matter where they are working. It also allows users to work on documents offline, automatically syncing when their device is next online.


The capabilities of OneDrive overlap with other 3rd party cloud-based storage, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, which could cost a business up to $20.00 per user a month.


Customer example

Calligo - business icon A Calligo managed Microsoft 365 services customer with 100 users spread across North America, UK, Germany and India was able to save over $18,500 a year by switching from Dropbox to OneDrive.



Microsoft Teams

Replaces: Zoom, WebEx, Jabber, Slack, GoToMeeting + Adobe Connect

Microsoft Teams is a customizable and secure workspace that enables users to chat (IM), hold voice or video meetings either internally or externally, as well as being able to share and collaborate on files.


In the last few months, many organizations have hurriedly moved to video and voice conferencing platforms to conduct meetings, with colleagues, customers or suppliers and often, and in their haste, have ended up doubling up on platforms being used.


By taking advantage of Microsoft Teams which is included within the Microsoft 365 Business Premium package, businesses can remove up to $27/u/m by dropping platforms like Zoom, WebEx, and Slack.


Customer example

Calligo - business icon The same 100-person customer above found that they were relying on both Jabber and GoToMeeting after they had already deployed Microsoft Teams. The disparate platforms created confusion and inefficiency internally and also cost them an unnecessary $20,000+



Microsoft 365 Business Voice Logo - Calligo

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Replaces: Traditional PSTN Providers (e.g. BT, Bell, AT&T) + VOIP Service Providers (e.g. Ring Central, Vonage, Primus, Ooma + 8x8)

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a secure and cost-effective VOIP service that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, enabling users to make and receive calls from landlines and mobiles, from any device.



Whilst Business Voice is an additional paid-for service within Microsoft 365, it is a cost-effective VOIP service that can easily replace other 3rd party VOIP service providers and traditional PSTN providers, which can be costly due to hardware and support costs.


Calligo Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice
Free Trial

We're offering a free 30-day Microsoft Business Voice trial to businesses based in the UK, the US and Canada. The trial, which provides all the same capabilities as the paid-for service, supports up to 25 users.

Register for the free 30-day trial 




Replaces: Trello, Basecamp, Asana + Wrike

Planner is a project management tool built into Microsoft 365 that enables users to create their own to-do lists and projects, as well as collaborate with external parties on projects.

Jared Bernatt, Microsoft


Microsoft Planner integrates into Microsoft Teams, enabling teams to create projects, organize and assign workloads to users, as well as setting reminders and deadlines to tasks. Planner is a great replacement for project management tools such as Asana and Wrike.



Customer example



One of Calligo’s customers, a business with 20 users relying on Trello and Basecamp, saved over $4,000 per year by switching to Microsoft Planner.


Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Replaces: Barracuda, Mimecast, ProofPoint, TrendMicro, Watchguard + Symantec 


The impact of an IT security attack on a small or medium business is significant. Roughly 60% of SMEs cease to exist six months after a cyberattack.”

Nima Baiati, Lenovo


Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with additional security enhancements such as Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which is a cloud-based email filtering system that helps protect organizations against malware and ransomware attacks.


There are several 3rd party providers that offer email filtering services, but the beauty of Microsoft ATP solution is that it is built into the Microsoft 365 platform, bringing it closer to your data and making it far easier to manage.”

Jared Bernatt, Microsoft


Want to find out much your business could save?

We have helped dozens of businesses save $10,000s of IT spend by switching them to Microsoft 365 for the first time, and helped those already on Microsoft 365 by showing them the applications they have that could replace expensive third-party alternatives.


We’re offering businesses a free IT cost reduction assessment, where our expert team will investigate the tools you have in place and provide a personalized report, showing where Microsoft 365 could save you money and reduce your IT spend.


Free IT cost reduction assessment from Calligo - Microsoft 365 Services



*Applications and tools mentioned are those most frequently found in Calligo customer environments / Size of bubble relates to approximate frequency found in Calligo customer environments / All logos are the property of their respective owners / Estimates based on published prices in USD / Jabber - $200 per user license (one-time) to enable to video conferencing features in Jabber  through Cisco 



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