Data-driven Optimizations in Manufacturing

How a global manufacturer used Machine Learning to save $millions in repair costs

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Data-driven Optimizations in Manufacturing

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Discover how we saved a global manufacturer $millions in repair costs and improved product quality with machine learning.

And how our custom-made, creative and clear data visualizations empowered technicians and executive teams to help make better
data-driven decisions.

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What to expect

In this webinar, experts from our data insights team, discuss how Calligo partnered with a leading manufacturer specialized in high-end computer boards, to create a bespoke machine learning solution that saved the organization $millions in repair and operating costs.

The problem:

  • 2% of daily production likely to be identified as faulty
  • Engineers would use gut instinct to replace components
  • Approx. $10M per annum of repair costs

The solution:

  • Use historic data and real-time product data with machine learning to make better decisions on component repairs
  • Constantly evolving machine learning models
  • Continuous access to accurate, high-performing and quality outputs

The team will also demonstrate the hand-crafted dashboards, specifically created for the technicians and the executive team, and how they helped inform the team to make better decisions, reduce unnecessary repairs, and ultimately, save the organization millions.

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