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Mark Herridge

What role can Artificial Intelligence play in fixing the security skills shortage?

Calligo’s CISO, Mark Herridge, discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help bridge the security skills gap, and help teams make better and faster decisions

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Yash Shah
Calligo Author
By Calligo

Discover beautiful data visualizations, created by Calligo’s Senior Data Analytics Consultant, Yash Shah, who just recently won VOTD – Tableau’s Viz of the Day

Calligo Author
By Calligo

Now in its tenth year, Calligo is delighted to be hosting our 10th annual Transform event, serving business and technology leaders in the Channel Islands.

Calligo Author
By Calligo

Artificial Intelligence’s ability to augment and support progress and development over the past few decades is inarguable. However, when does […]

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