Data Privacy:
why it applies to you, and how it is commercially valuable


Data Privacy: why it applies to you, and how it is commercially valuable


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The difference between a ‘tickbox exercise’ approach to Data Privacy and a strategic approach, and the commercial benefits it can deliver to your business



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What to expect


In this Calligo, Customer Success webinar, Adam Ryan, Chief Services Officer, is joined by two members of our Data Privacy team.


During the webinar, the team discuss existing and upcoming privacy regulations that could apply to your business, and why you should tackle privacy strategically and the commercial benefits it delivers such as improved customer trust, access to new verticles and platform for innovation.


Meet the team delivering the webinar:

Adam Ryan

Chief Services Officer,

Jen Wu

Jennifer Wu

Privacy Consultant,

Billy Herlihy

Privacy Delivery Manager,

What you'll learn


Remarkably, some businesses in North America and Europe still see data privacy as not important or even not appliable to them.

This is despite more than 80 countries having their own privacy laws, including:

  • Every EU country
  • UK
  • Canada (who also has a more powerful data privacy bill moving through approval at the moment)
  • Most countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • Plus more US states than people realise
  • Not to mention the various industry-specific regulations that also require data privacy controls.

Most of these have power to deliver serious, even crippling fines and penalties and if you have operations, customers or even just a marketing audience in any of these countries, then they apply to you.

And so, most businesses have addressed data privacy – at least in part, or once some time ago. But only a few have implemented continuous and strategic data privacy programmes.

What do these few have in common? They have better control of their data. And from it, their businesses are accelerating.


What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • The growth and reach of data privacy and how it is almost guaranteed to be relevant to your business
  • The difference between a one-time ‘tickbox exercise’ approach and a continuous strategic programme
  • The tangible and commercial benefits of a strategic programme, beyond compliance

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