Power Bi:  The Basics


Power Bi: The Basics
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How to build your first data model and visualization with one of the most powerful tools on the Microsoft 365 platform





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What to expect


Join our Customer Success Series webinar to join Samuel Schwartz – part of the Calligo team that builds and maintains Power BI environments and dashboards for Microsoft itself – for a live screen share demo of the basics of Power BI.


Meet the team delivering the webinar:


William Shilson

SVP Customer Success

Samuel S

Samuel Schwartz
Data Analytics Lead

What you'll learn


Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are routinely using Power BI – a suite of Microsoft 365 data analysis tools – to extract insights from their data sources.


Their teams are becoming more data-driven, more creative and more accurate in their decision-making.


How can you keep up?


Power BI is perhaps one of the most underused but potentially transformative tools that businesses possess, and the value for money it offers as part of the Microsoft 365 suite is astonishing.


What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • How to connect Power BI to any data sources, even outside Microsoft 365
  • How to build your first data model, ready for analysis
  • How to build visualizations, putting your data in the hands of your teams

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