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Machine Learning and Manufacturing

Machine Learning
in Manufacturing

Register for the On-Demand webinar & find out about how using machine learning cut $millions in operating and repair costs for a global technology manufacturer 


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Data Visualization
as a Service

Tell the stories hidden in your data.
Give your data the platform it needs to earn the respect it deserves



Is your data
'safe to use'?

 With insights from industry-leading experts in data privacy, data governance and IT security from Perkins Coie, IAPP, DWF and KMPG, discover why your business requires Data Safety and why it's a lot more than just "security"


Latest news and blog posts


CCSS - unlocking the potential of M365

Discover new apps and features within popular Microsoft 365 subscriptions that will help drive productivity within your business, and enable you and your colleagues to work smarter.



CCSS - Power Bi The Basics

How to build your first data model and visualization with one of the most powerful tools on the Microsoft 365 platform



IT Security - CCSS webinar

In this Calligo Customer Success Series webinar, the Customer Success team discuss the most common IT security threats that businesses are experiencing, and how to protect your business against them. 


Data Privacy - why it applies to you, CCSS webinar

During this webinar, Calligo's privacy team discuss existing & upcoming privacy regulations that could apply to your business, and why you should tackle privacy strategically and the commercial benefits it delivers such as improved customer trust, access to new verticles and innovation



Get the most out of Teams - CCSS webinar

Register to learn how to use Microsoft Teams to its fullest potential &
boost productivity.
Hosted by our SVP of Customer Success and joined by other members of the Customer Success team, this webinar has been designed to help users - new and experienced 



Making Sense of your Data - CCSS webinar

Learn about interrogable, interactive management dashboards & how businesses can use these dashboards and visualizations to tell the stories hidden in their data, and give their teams the information they need to make better decisions faster



Backup and DR - CCSS webinar

Join Caligo and diaster recovery & backup specialists, Zerto, as they explain the differences between backup, disaster recovery and business continuity, and how they affect your organization and why they're essential to keeping your business up and running. 



How to keep your data, business and employees safe - CCSS webinar

This session includes practical advice for employers and employees alike for tackling both the traditional cyber threats and IT security issues, as well as the new ones that the working practices of 2020 have created.


Productive success - CCSS webinar

In this webinar, Calligo is joined by Lenovo and Microsoft to discuss how
to provide the right environment for your employees, support their productivity wherever they need to be based, and keep corporate data safe and compliant




Reinventing Digital Transformation

Reinventing Digital Transformation

Your roadmap for improving the safe and secure flow of data for greater productivity
and cost-efficiency




Periodic Table of
Data Privacy

The Data Privacy Periodic Table is an industry-renowned, easily digestible view of how the privacy world fits together



How to protect your Microsoft 365 data

Discover the Microsoft 365 IT security features that seem to be automatically activated and instantly protect your data, but are not



Data privacy & security in Microsoft 365

A five-step guide for SMEs to designing data privacy and security into your Microsoft 365 environment




The Top 9 SME IT Security Threats

The top cybersecurity threats facing SMEs, based on our observations of client networks and their vulnerabilities




How to get the most out of Microsoft Teams

Tips and tricks to boost productivity and collaboration, + how to stay connected while working remotely at home or in the office


Meet the Customer Success team

Our dedicated customer success team collaborates with you to ensure you get the very most out of your Calligo service, helping your teams work smarter, use data safer and innovate faster 





Alissa Seiple

Chief Customer Officer

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William Shilson

SVP of Customer Success

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Robert Doyle

VP of Customer Success, Ireland

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Keith Grigg


Keith Grigg

Senior Customer Success Manager

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Lesley Stewart

Senior Customer Success Associate

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Saba Rashleigh

Customer Success Manager

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Quinn Matthews

Senior Customer Success Associate

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Maggie Costello

Senior Customer Success Associate

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Michael Edwards

Senior Customer Success Manager

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Vince Santostefano

Senior Customer Success Manager

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