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Data Analytics

Find the ideas and make the decisions that will have the greatest impact on your customers and colleagues.

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We transform your creativity and accuracy by putting your data to safe and intelligent use.

Predict more accurately and earlier

Anticipate needs and challenges before they occur, and spot opportunities before it is too late.

Continuously understand current activity

Discover the impact, reasons and consequences of activity at granular and strategic levels.

Use your data whenever you want to

Remove the need to rely on your IT or data teams to produce and re-produce reports.

Your ambitions depend on better knowledge, deeper understanding and more actionable decisions.

They depend on your data.

Overcome problems of data management, availability and fragmentation.


Improve user engagement with analytics by making data more reliable and more complete.

Make decisions safely, using data that is compliant, adherent to privacy regulations and secure.

Avoid the need to find and hire additional skills in data management and analytics tools.

Avoid the investment, deployment and maintenance of analytics tools and infrastructure.

Start receiving interrogable and usable insights within weeks, not months.

A precise data analytics service that scales

Data Analytics Services delivered by technical and business-minded experts in data architecture, data science, security and data privacy.

Start with data privacy & security

Like every service from Calligo, we start with the legitimacy, liability and risks of the data you hold and your intended uses.

100s of data sources

To give your analysis fullest context, we extract data from almost any source: SaaS apps, SQL databases and even spreadsheets.

Extract data

We use the most reliable data pipeline technologies and even custom code to extract data safely and into a single dataset.

Cleanse, merge, enrich data

Data is merged into a consistent, unified structure, cleansed, deduped and structural errors addressed.

Deploy analytics

Expert deployment of the most advanced and appropriate analytics tools, on your infrastructure or ours.

Continuous management

We maintain the availability, performance and security of the underlying infrastructure, and manage your software licencing.

Global service desk

Award-winning 24/7 global service desk, manned with Tableau and Power BI experts, for performance or downtime issues.

Evolves with you

As your data sources expand, or your analytics agenda changes, we adapt your analytics platform to your evolving needs.

Make your data as impactful as it deserves to be

Help your data analytics tell its full story with beautiful, interrogable, interactive visualizations and dashboards that let your teams ask more questions of your data, find their own answers and be more creative and independent.

Data Visualizations

Calligo can make your data work harder for you.

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