The Data Maturity Impact Report


Revealed for the first time:

The commercial impact of organizations' investment into the intelligent use of data - and the consequences of doing so unadvisedly 


Beware the 'Data Ditch'!


Sat between the slow-movers who have not invested in data capabilities at all, and those few who have invested and seen measurable positive impact, more than 50% of businesses have seen their data initiatives actually harm their business performance, to the extent they would have been better off not doing anything at all. 


These companies have built their data ambitions on unstructured, unsafe and under-resourced foundations, and have seen their projects suffer from:

  • Inaccurate and inefficient data analytics and data science, impacting productivity
  • ...and speed to market
  • ...and customer satisfaction and retention.
  • All of which creates employee dissatisfaction
  • ...and harms the internal perception of the data leadership.
  • While the wasted investment negatively impacts profitability.


This is the 'Data Ditch' - and the chances are, you are about to slip into it.



20Blackmore organizations than two years ago are investing in the infrastructure, skills and tools to make the best use of their data.


34BlackBut only the minority have ever seen any benefit. 


50BlackMore than half of organizations have progressed into data mid-maturity, but are performing worse than both those they have "outrun", and those who are more advanced in their intelligent use of data.  


Use the visualization below to benchmark your data maturity against your global peers, and see if you are at risk of falling into the data ditch yourself - and how to climb out the other side 


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500 Respondents



SME to Enterprise


All respondents were confirmed to be part of the data leadership, predominantly Director and C-Level 


Assessed in each of the 8 key pillars of Data Maturity



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Data Governance

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Privacy by Design



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IT Cost Management 



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Next Steps


The Rise of the CDO


Why data ambitious organizations need more than a Chief Data Officer

The opportunity that data presents creates a need for a dedicated data leadership, with skills and capabilities that organizations hadn't considered necessary as little as even five years ago. 


What does your data leadership look like, and do you have the right pieces in place to not only make your data commercially valuable, but also safe to use?   


Data Strategy Assessment


timeine strat 1

A step-by-step path to avoiding the Data Ditch



Let Calligo's expert data strategists assess data's role, use and application in your organization, and design a custom, practical roadmap to mitigate every risk and realise every suitable opportunity.


Examined from a strategic perspective, your entire data environment will be explored and documented by a unique combination of experts in data governance, security, privacy, infrastructure and data science.


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