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The cloud technologies that have delivered the performance, security, compliance and innovation demanded by the world’s foremost organizations.

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Calligo’s award-winning, high-performance public cloud platform is purpose-built for high-intensity data science deployments.

CloudCore’s design – including its use of Intel’s most innovative AI-specific chipsets – makes it consistently twice as fast as AWS and Google with half the margin for error in identical machine learning scenarios.

  • Delivered as a fully managed service
  • Nine geographically-dispersed locations in six different jurisdictions
  • Governed by SOC 2:1, ISO 27001 and ISO 27018.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a suite of ever-expanding innovative cloud services that sits across one of the largest data centre networks on the planet.

Calligo has deployed Azure cloud services and its data warehousing and analytics service, Azure Synapse, for hundreds of customers across North America and EMEA.

Calligo also deploys and manages Microsoft Power BI data analytics environments for the Fortune 100 and market leading enterprises.

Microsoft Azure


Snowflake is an enterprise-ready, highly-automated, cloud data warehouse that combines cost-efficiency with high performance.

It is becoming the de facto option for building world-class data science and analytics environments – and creating organizations that are truly driven by intelligent data decisions.

Long before Snowflake rose to market-leading prominence, Calligo was one of Snowflake’s earliest partners, and has been repeatedly recognized for its proficiency in enabling Snowflake customer. Members of Calligo’s senior team have also been on Snowflake’s Partner Advisory Council for more than five years.

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