Virtual Panel:

Is your cloud data ‘safe to use’?
And do you even know what that means? 


Join Calligo and our star-studded panel for a live panel discussion on Data Safety in the cloud


This webinar, presented by Calligo and members of the wider data security, privacy and governance industries, will: 

  • Explain the concept of Data Safety 

  • Identify the key questions CEOs need to ask of their Data Safety leadership team 

  • Show how these questions should manifest in the design of your cloud environment 

  • Using real-world examples, show the commercial contribution of data safety to the bottom line   

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Panel topic




Your cloud environment sets the tone for how your data is treated.  


But it has never been harder for your data to be treated continuously safely. 

  • More disparate workforces, probably permanently 
  • More security risks as cybercriminals take advantage of the dissolved network perimeter 
  • More chance of accidental breaches working from home 
  • More data privacy legislation being passed 
  • More consumer sensitivity over how personal data is used 
  • More regulator scrutiny 
  • More regulators keen to hold individual board members to account, not just the business 


Tackling all of these threats, and others besides, requires Data Safety. 


Not just data security – which is where the bulk of attention is usually paid – but equally ensuring continuous adherence to data privacy obligations, compliance with industry regulations and good governance.  


This combination alone makes your data ‘safe to use’ – which is a necessity for the agility and innovation that 2021 calls for.  


And so data safety must be built into your cloud environment, else every data interaction risks being a threat.  


This webinar, presented by Calligo and members of the wider data security, privacy and governance industries, will:

  • Explain the concept of Data Safety
  • Identify the key questions CEOs need to ask of their Data Safety leadership team
  • Show how these questions should manifest in the design of your cloud environment
  • Using real-world examples, show the commercial contribution of data safety to the bottom line   

9am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm BST

Wednesday March 31, 2021 



Dominique Shelton Leipzig 




Partner and co-chair of the Privacy & Data Management Board at Perkins Coie 


International Association of Privacy Professionals board member



Arthur Mainja



Senior Manager at KPMG 


Chairman of the Channel Islands Information Security Forum (CIISF)


Moderated by:

Adam Ryan


Chief Services Officer at Calligo



Stewart Room

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Global Head of Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber Security at DWF Law


President of the National Association of DPOs



Mark Herridge



Chief Information Security Officer
at Calligo

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