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Grow closer to your data, even with zero data science skills, and use it safely to uncover possibilities, answer questions and resolve challenges.

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Be more competitive, predictive & innovative.

Overcome all 6 obstacles to machine learning adoption, and innovate sooner.

Where and how

Let us help you discover where and how machine learning can support your business most profitably.

Data availability & quality

Hand over the burden and difficulty of re-architecting your data, combining data sources and building a usable dataset.

Skills shortage

Sidestep the need to find and hire expensive data architects and data scientists, and to justify their ongoing expense.


Access the skills, infrastructure and technology through a consumable managed service and reduce overall project costs.

Performance & Accuracy

Use a reliable and secure cloud platform that delivers insights at twice the speed of AWS & Google, with half the margin of error.

Security, Privacy & Governance

Be assured of your data’s continuous safety with our ISO and SOC accreditations and proven data privacy expertise.

Continuous value.

We offer the only fully managed machine learning as a service.

Let our team of data scientists, data architects, privacy & infosecurity experts and cloud infrastructure specialists ensure your machine learning project continuously delivers optimum value.

Custom Models

Our data scientists use their expertise and pioneering software to create unique machine learning models, built specifically for your needs.

Data quality

Our data architects will continuously maintain the integrity of your data model and data pipelines, and adapt your dataset as your sources and needs change.

Data safety

Your data and activity will be overseen by our data privacy and security experts, ensuring full adherence to relevant privacy laws, industry regulations & security best practices.

Technology performance

Our global award-winning service desk will maintain the performance, security and availability of your entire machine learning technology stack.


Your machine learning model’s activity will be constantly monitored for any signs of bias, reductions in accuracy or model drift.


Regular reviews of the commercial impact of the model, its outputs and the suitability of the data sources, technology and infrastructure.

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Your machine learning ambitions rely on your data.

That’s why we start there.

Data Safety

We make sure that every dataset and data source you plan to base your machine learning project on is necessary and appropriate, has been collected legitimately, can be legally processed as intended and is treated securely.

Data Preparation

We will prepare your data for use in machine learning, solving structural errors, gaps, duplications and irregularities, and merging multiple data sources into a unified, consistent dataset, even creating your own Data Warehouse where appropriate.

Market leading performance and accuracy

Calligo’s machine learning managed service combines pioneering software with purpose-built infrastructure. We will build your own custom machine learning model, using the most innovative machine learning tools, hand-picked to meet your specific needs.

  • Calligo’s proprietary machine learning tool
  • Self-optimizes to better meet business objectives and improve accuracy
  • Fast, powerful and accurate
  • Ideal for prediction models, clustering and ensemble modelling
  • Proven with the Fortune 100 and leaders in manufacturing and telecoms
  • Award-winning University of Oxford spin-off, founded by some of the greatest minds in machine learning
  • Calligo strategic partner
  • Near-constant sampling
  • Ideal for large datasets
  • Ideal for time-series and clustering scenarios
  • Proven in insurance, retail banking, financial services compliance, manufacturing and public sector

Both machine learning tools are specifically designed to deliver:

Intelligent algorithm creation

Our tools create the most suitable model for your problem and dataset, accelerating your time to insight and improving your accuracy.

Ethics & Transparency

All our machine learning models are built to deliver entirely explainable outputs, allowing decisions to be fully transparent and avoid bias.

Insight from any volume of data

Calligo’s tools can deliver insights from small or large datasets, handle near-constant sampling rates, and multiple data formats.

Deployed from Calligo’s own public cloud platform, CloudCore, purpose-built for data safety and high-intensity workloads.


CloudCore performs at twice the speed of AWS & Google when processing identical machine learning workloads.


With speed a major contributor to accuracy, CloudCore delivers insights with half the margin of error of AWS & Google.


Strong vendor relationships allow us to design CloudCore on advanced AI-specific technology while keeping costs low.


CloudCore was the first public cloud platform to be built with data privacy at its heart and is ISO and SOC-accredited.

Don’t sell your machine learning insights short.

Help your teams make the most creative use of your machine learning outputs by delivering its insights in beautiful, intuitive and interrogable dashboards.

Put the power of machine learning directly and securely into the hands of your teams with accurate insights based on reliable data.

Make machine learning intelligible and accessible by presenting insights in graphical, relatable and contextual format.


Let your teams drill into the insights and instantly answer their own ‘What if?’ questions – the first step to a data-inspired culture.

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