Advance Data

Data Visualizations as a Service

Tell the stories hidden in your data. Give your data the platform it needs to earn the respect it deserves.

Accelerate your data

Free your data and turn everyone into a data-driven decision-maker

Beautiful, intuitively interactive custom-built dashboards that give your teams the data they need to make better decisions faster, without overburdening IT.

Give every team member constant access to usable, accurate, interrogable data.

Make faster, more intelligent decisions, with full context, even across multiple data sources.

Spark a data-driven culture, based on autonomy, trust, speed and accuracy.

Example Dashboards

Let your data inspire your team to do better work

Right now, your data is restrictive, unavailable, burdensome and possibly even distrusted.

Spreadsheet reporting is flawed

  • Time-consuming to build, deliver and iterate
  • Immediately out of date
  • Inconsistent from report to report and user to user
  • Restrictive design capabilities
  • Causes indifference and even distrust of data
  • Undermines data security and governance

Native dashboards are not enough

  • Single data source
  • Limited functionality
  • One-dimensional reporting with minimal ability to interrogate
  • Too many clicks’ to find any insights
  • Poor mobile interface

Instead, see what your data is trying to show you

Custom-built visualizations, designed in your brand.

Built on the world’s most powerful data analytics tools.

Consolidated view of multiple data sources.

Fully interrogable views with deep drill down capabilities.

Versions for individual users, roles or departments.

Continuously up-to-date and reliable data.

High quality responsive mobile interface.

Rapid and continued user adoption.

Respects all data security, privacy & governance controls.

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See for yourself

See examples of how we have empowered teams to continuously make the right decisions.

Example Dashboards

…to bring your data’s value alive

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Data not in shape yet? Leave it to us

This is a classic barrier to capitalizing on data analytics – don’t let it stop you.

If you have concerns about the readiness or condition of your source data, our team will restructure your datasets, applying any data security, governance or privacy requirements you may have, and ensuring that your analytics and visualizations are presenting up-to-date, accurate, consistent and safe data.

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Our Approach

A proven methodology that told the Fortune 100 and household brands the stories hidden in their data.


  • Gather project requirements
  • Agree goals and objectives according to each audience for the visualization
  • Identify the required functionality, the drill-down needs and the likely interrogations


  • Collaborate, iterate and plan visuals
  • Create a wireframe that meets the needs of every category of user
  • Select the most suitable tools and technologies and plan development


  • Build better dashboards within the most suitable analytics tool for your project
  • Test the user experience and polish the visuals according to Calligo’s 5 key Elements of Dashboard

Fully maintained & managed

Hand-crafted visualizations, built on your data, delivered from our infrastructure as a fully managed service, and supported by an award-winning team.

Custom-built dashboards and visualizations, created by visual analysis experts, fully accredited in the relevant technologies.

Deployed online from Microsoft 365 or Calligo’s own Tableau infrastructure, avoiding any need for additional investment in technology.

Continuous maintenance, supported by our award-winning global managed services team and customer service desk.

On-request feature improvements, upgrades and user additions as needs evolve.

Consolidated invoicing including all licences, access, support, maintenance and service.

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Calligo can make your data work harder for you.

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