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CloudCore - managed cloud by Calligo

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Why our clients choose CloudCore public cloud

Data Residency & Privacy

CloudCore is available in many jurisdictions that the rest of the cloud market cannot serve, and restricts the movement of data – including copies – outside nominated territories.


Built across nine geographically-dispersed locations in six different jurisdictions, each with high-availability connectivity and independently classified as a minimum of Tier III (99.98% uptime).


Clients can add or remove compute power and storage, provision virtual machines, or even introduce new data centres and regions to their environments as required.


CloudCore is one of the highest performing public clouds on the market. It is one of few able to offer performance-based guarantees, even to the application level, due to its innovative design, flexibility and “noisy neighbour” mitigation.


In addition to CloudCore being industry-leading in performance and availability, Calligo also offers industry-leading SLAs across all aspects of service provision, including financially-backed SLAs for uptime.


CloudCore’s design follows a security-first, “defence in depth” philosophy, and uses a portfolio of constantly-reviewed best of breed technologies to maintain it, while also placing rigorous requirements on its data centre partners.

Ease of Management

Calligo’s proprietary self-service cloud management platform simplifies cloud administration, including deploying virtual machines with a single click, or firewalls from templates.


One of the most advanced public cloud platforms available. Calligo’s strong relationships with its vendors have led to an industry reputation as an early adopter, if not first to market, with new technologies.

Cost Efficiency

CloudCore is offered on a consumption-based Virtual Data Centre model, not a per-VM basis. This ensures you pay only for the precise resources you require, and not for any excess, unused resources that would be provisioned in a per-VM model.

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