Art + Data

A collection of our most powerful dashboards and data visualizations


Hand-crafted visual analytics, dashboards and visualizations that have built data-driven cultures

When planned and crafted with intention, data visualizations can bring about breakthrough clarity and common understanding throughout an entire organization.

Our custom dashboards use our proprietary 5 elements of dashboard design to ensure data is intuitively and instiantly comprehensible, equipping individuals to discover new opportunities, resolve challenges and help them create a data-driven culture and team of data-reliant decision-makers.

Art + Data contains 20 visualizations, each showing how the 5 elements of dashboard design were deployed, plus the positive business outcomes the visualizations delivered.

Our Methodology Explained

The 5 elements of dashboard design


Data points must be shown in full context, whether historical, situational or relational


Users must be able to intuitively follow the story the data is telling


Users must associate meaning to the colours chosen, relating to the story or the brand


Presentation of text must naturally show hierarchy of meaning and value


Style, illustration, iconography, and design must be relatable and support user adoption


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