Beyond the Data Podcast Series

EP 01: When is the artificial truly intelligent?

Welcome to Calligo’s inaugural podcast in our series: Beyond the Data.

We’ve kicked things off with a hot potato – the intricate, polarized, and nuanced debate of When is the Artificial truly intelligent?

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Beyond the Data

Ep01 – “When is the Artificial Truly Intelligent?”

Podcast with Sophie Chase-Borthwick, Data Ethics and Governance Lead, and Tessa Jones, VP of Data Science

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The first episode – When can the Artificial truly be intelligent? – is ready for you to watch.

Here are just a few poignant themes they explore:
· Is AI by definition of intelligence even possible?
· What motivates AI to do anything (if anything)?
· Can a robot perceive feelings?
· Are we re-defining intelligence to suit the machines, not humans?

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Tune in to this nuanced discussion with our podcast hosts

Tessa Jones, VP of Data Science Research and Development: “I was motivated to do this podcast because there are so many important topics in this arena that could really benefit from a space that isn’t hindered by restrictions. We are here to talk openly about these topics, their usefulness in conjunction with the risks and be open and honest and explorative in nature.”

Sophie Chase-Borthwick, Calligo’s Data Ethics and Governance Lead:

“There is a lot of conversation about AI. There are a lot of people who come into the camp of – AI is awesome, it’s going to solve all the problems in the world. Or it’s evil, we are going to recreate Skynet or The Matrix. As with everything else, it’s going to be somewhere in between – what it’s used for, how it’s done. But the impact on people and society is important.”

Some esteemed guests from the world of data science, privacy, and governance will be joining Sophie and Tessa.

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