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Implement ‘Data Science By Design’

Demystifying Data Success

Implement ʻData Science by Design’ to establish solid foundations for your data so you can effectively leverage machine learning in your business…

What this eBook will give you:

  • Understand the key to your data
  • Explore a typical data science project
  • Strategize, Develop and Monitor your project
  • What does good and bad look like for a data science plan
  • Examples of our resolutions for our clients
Unlock the key to your data today!

    A precise data analytics service that scales

    Data Analytics Services delivered by technical and business-minded experts in data architecture, data science, security and data privacy.

    Start with data privacy & security

    Like every service from Calligo, we start with the legitimacy, liability and risks of the data you hold and your intended uses.

    100s of data sources

    To give your analysis fullest context, we extract data from almost any source: SaaS apps, SQL databases and even spreadsheets.

    Extract data

    We use the most reliable data pipeline technologies and even custom code to extract data safely and into a single dataset.

    Cleanse, merge, enrich data

    Data is merged into a consistent, unified structure, cleansed, deduped and structural errors addressed.

    Deploy analytics

    Expert deployment of the most advanced and appropriate analytics tools, on your infrastructure or ours.

    Continuous management

    We maintain the availability, performance and security of the underlying infrastructure, and manage your software licencing.

    Global service desk

    Award-winning 24/7 global service desk, manned with Tableau and Power BI experts, for performance or downtime issues.

    Evolves with you

    As your data sources expand, or your analytics agenda changes, we adapt your analytics platform to your evolving needs.

    Calligo can make your data work harder for you.

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