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The Data Maturity Impact Report

The commercial impact of organizations’ investment into the intelligent use of data – and the consequences of doing so unadvisedly

What you’ll get from the report

  • Understand where your data strategy currently sites within your business lifecycle
  • Benchmark your data maturity with the support of our key partner Fivetran
  • Understand how our research was built
  • Get a Data Maturity Score
  • Understand how to escape the data ditch
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    This report follows a series of steps that will guide you

    Understand the Data Ditch

    Discover what Data Maturity stage you’re in

    Understand how to escape the Data ditch

    How the research was built

    500+ NA and EMEA mid-tier organizations and enterprises were assessed in each of the 8 key pillars of Data Maturity, and self-rated their business performance across 10 metrics.

    Data Ethics
    Data Governance
    IT Architecture
    IT Security
    Privacy by Design
    IT Cost Management
    Data Insights
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    A step-by-step path to avoiding the Data Ditch

    Let Calligo’s expert data strategists assess data’s role, use and application in your organization, and design a custom, practical roadmap to mitigate every risk and realise every suitable opportunity.

    Examined from a strategic perspective, your entire data environment will be explored and documented by a unique combination of experts in data governance, security, privacy, infrastructure and data science.

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