The Science of Data Success

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What will I learn about?

Hosted by our very own Tessa Jones, VP of Data Science at Calligo and Ted Mercer, Sales Director at Snowflake, join this FREE virtual learning event around Machine Learning (ML), how Calligo can support your business through ML and an overview of Snowflake’s Data Cloud and services.

  • Hear from Tessa Jones, who has previously published numerous research papers in the fields of genomics, neutrinos, hydrogeology, volcanology and who prior to joining Calligo was at JPL helping to put rovers on Mars with the Curiosity mission! Hear her insights on Machine Learning first hand
  • Learn more about Calligo’s machine learning service (MLaaS) approach and how it can drive outstanding ROI for your business
  • Listen to real-life business examples – how Calligo’s machine learning solutions help solve business challenges
  • Understand more about how Snowflake and Calligo collaborate to deliver outstanding results
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What will I hear;

  • Introduction
  • Calligo – discussions around Machine Learning initiatives working with Snowflake
  • Snowflake – Overview of the Data Cloud and services
  • Live Q&A throughout the session

Who will I hear from?

Tessa Jones, VP of Data Science at Calligo

Tessa is Head of our Machine Learning (ML) division and will discuss some of our past and current ML initiatives, how they all run on Snowflake, the business cases to do this as such, and how Calligo and Snowflake work together with our clients.

More about Tessa
Tessa is an accomplished and acclaimed data scientist, and has applied these skills to other areas of her scientific education, including genetics, volcanology and space exploration. Tessa even programmed the first-ever picture to prove that there was once running water on the surface of Mars and used data science to help operate the Rover on its surface.

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Who will I hear from?

Ted Mercer, Sales Director, Snowflake

Ted will run through an overview of the Data Cloud and their services. Snowflake is a global company, working with over 1,000 partner organizations to empower businesses to have seamless access to explore, share, and unlock the true value of their data.

More about Ted
Ted Mercer qualified as a Chartered Accountant practicing with KPMG in Toronto and London, England. He performed investment banking functions with Morgan Stanley in London, England and KPMG in Sydney, Australia. In 2020, as the pandemic launched, Ted joined Snowflake as an Account Executive covering the Canadian insurance sector.


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