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Beyond the Data

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Beyond the Data

Ep01 – “When is the Artificial Truly Intelligent?”

Podcast with Sophie Chase-Borthwick, Global Data Strategist, and Tessa Jones, VP of Data Science

Discover resources, tools and insights to navigate this dynamic and transformative new frontier.

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Hosted by our very own Tessa Jones, VP of Data Science at Calligo and Ted Mercer, Sales Director at Snowflake, this virtual learning event around Machine Learning (ML) teaches how Calligo can support your business through ML and an overview of Snowflake’s Data Cloud and services.

Hear from Tessa Jones, who has previously published numerous research papers in the fields of genomics, neutrinos, hydrogeology, volcanology and who prior to joining Calligo was at JPL helping to put rovers on Mars with the Curiosity mission!

Hear her insights on Machine Learning first hand.

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