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Machine Learning as a Service

Access a managed, customizable machine learning solution that helps you avoid the complexity of recruiting data science teams and the costly associated infrastructure.

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machine learning as a service

The potential value to your business is limitless. 

The increasing prevalence and impact of Machine Learning (ML) means that business leaders everywhere are realising its transformative power. Reducing costs, managing risks, streamlining operations, accelerating growth and fuelling innovation.

Calligo’s Machine Learning as a Service helps businesses:

Reduce Costs
Increase Revenue
Optimise Operational Efficiences
Increase Market Footprint
Leverage Consumer Data
Manage Supply Chains Successfully

Your ambitions depend on better knowledge, deeper understanding and more actionable decisions.

Key benefits of Calligo’s Machine Learning as a Service:


Working with you to identify the specific ML use cases for your business with clearly defined outcomes, using our Data Science by Design methodology.


Identifying the most beneficial use cases for your business needs and applying our deep industry experience to de-risk the solution. Resulting in a higher return on your investment.


Unlike others in the market, we combine innovative technologies and human intelligence to deliver solutions that are 25-50% cheaper than off-the-shelf alternatives.


By leveraging the specialist expertise and hands-on experience of our data scientists, we execute highly effective and impactful ML strategies at pace.


85% of ML projects fail to deliver, with only 53% reaching the production phase. At Calligo, our process optimises the rate of ML solutions moving from prototype to production.


We pinpoint our data science skills against your unique objectives, resulting in highly accurate, targeted outcomes, compared to out-of-the-box solutions.

How are your competitors using Machine Learning to gain advantages?


Predictive maintenance and optimized operations


Optimize inventory, increase sales and profit margins

Healthcare and Life Science

Otimising operations and disease identification.

Travel and Hospitality

Dynamic pricing and customer centric recommendations

Financial Services

Risk analytics and regulation


Energy demand and supply optimization


Price optimization with algorithms that dictate optimal pricing


Intelligent customer segmentation, product adoption and demand forecasting

How it works

Our Machine Learning as a Service framework is the culmination of more than two decades of combined ML experience across our team of data scientists.

Having applied their skillset across multiple industries and use cases, our experts have developed highly effective, proven strategies, across different sectors. Building a framework that ensures cost efficiency and drives better business outcomes. 


Define the Strategy. Our highly skilled team work with your business and data experts to comprehensively define the problem, before outlining the recommended roadmap to achieve your goals.


Build the Models. We provide specialist resources to build the models, create the documentation and then deploy. Development and deployment take place on Calligo’s ALPHI infrastructure, ensuring quality and excellence.


Manage and Monitor. Models are deployed and managed on Calligo’s infrastructure, to ensure reliability of results. Our ongoing monitoring then ensures continued quality and return on investment.

Leverage your data to make informed decisions ensuring you retain your competitive edge.

Calligo’s Machine Learning as a Service is the key to unlocking the value of corporate and customer data across a wide array of industry sectors, enacting decisions that keep a company ahead of the competition.

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