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Network Integrity Services

has been acquired by Calligo


In December 2020, Calligo acquired Network Integrity Services.


Calligo is the world’s first end-to-end managed data services provider, with a global track record in improving organizations' productivity & profitability by making their data more available, secure and safe.


Calligo acquired Network Integrity Services to expand its local presence and capabilities throughout the UK, and particularly to expand Calligo's existing skills in data security, disaster recovery and IT managed services.  


You can find out more about the acquisition here.


Network Integrity Services now operates as part of the Calligo brand, with its former customers now able to access a wider service offering and global resources. 


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How you can contact
Calligo’s Customer Support Desk



Primary option:
Submit a request to the Customer Support Portal



Alternative option:
Email the Customer Support Desk on 



For urgent issues:
Call the Customer Support Desk using your respective regional number:


North West / Manchester

0345 004 7258


West Midlands / Birmingham

0330 313 0243


East Midlands / Leicester

0345 457 4571


South East / Hemel Hempstead

0330 088 2945


Remote support

If remote support is necessary, you will be asked by one of the Calligo team to enter a code in the Control Panel below, or to download a calling card.

This will allow our technicians to safely and securely access your machine to investigate or rectify issues.

Please follow the prompts to allow this tool to install.



Calling Card

Please only download if requested to do so by the Calligo team.




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