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What is
Data Safety?

 With insights from industry-leading experts in data privacy, governance and IT security from Perkins Coie, IAPP, DWF and KMPG, discover why your business requires Data Safety


Periodic Table of
Data Privacy

The Data Privacy Periodic Table is an
industry-renowned, easily-digestible view of how the privacy world fits together


Does your DPO have a conflict of interest?

Your DPO should be knowledgeable, experienced and qualified, but not everyone is suitable for the role

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planning_centre_mockup (2)
Privacy by Design & GDPR in action

How a software developer achieved Privacy by Design and protected 1,000,000s of special category records


Data Ethics and Data Privacy Resources



Does your DPO have a conflict of interest?

Your DPO should be knowledgeable, experienced and qualified, but not everyone is suitable for the role




Data Privacy & Data Security Recommendations

Guidance on how to protect your business' data & follow data privacy regulations during COVID-19 



Brexit and Data Privacy

How Brexit impacts your data strategy

The data leader's guide to preparing their data environment for Brexit + a visual guide that shows how Brexit impacts GDPR obligations




The Privacy Rosetta Stone

How Privacy can make itself understood by the CISO and CIO, and make Privacy by Design a reality



GDPR Magic Quadrant

GDPR – principles or legal mechanisms?  

Find out where GDPR sits between codifying ethical principles versus prescribing legal mechanism in this Article-by-Article analysis



The 9 Myths & Fairy Tales of GDPR 

The 9 most dangerous misperceptions that undermine US and Canadian organizations’ GDPR observance and strategies


Data Privacy Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of Data Privacy

A fun, easily digestible way to see how the data privacy and protection world fits together
– the first of its kind in the industry




Tales from the GDPR Frontline

Real-life observations from our Data Privacy team that you can learn from to make your GDPR adherence as efficient as possible





Virtual Panel

Is your cloud data ‘safe to use’?


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