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What is
Data Safety?

 With insights from industry-leading experts in data privacy, data governance and IT security from Perkins Coie, IAPP, DWF and KMPG, discover why your business requires Data Safety and why it's a lot more than just "security"



Reinventing Digital Transformation

Reinventing Digital Transformation

Your roadmap for improving the safe and secure flow of data for greater productivity
and cost-efficiency




Digi Trans Social Card ii - Sept 2020

Raconteur Report:
Digital Transformation

A 16-page Raconteur Special Report distributed in The Times, featuring Calligo's five steps to successful digital transformation


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Case Studies



Mayhew Case Study Mock up

Doubling profitability at half the IT costs 

How IT Managed Services, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure helped Mayhew double both its productivity and its profitability



Aspida Case Study Mockup

Reliable, secure data access, at lower cost 

How CloudCore simultaneously met demanding performance requirements, disaster recovery stipulations, data residency obligations, all at reduced budget




Bateman McKay Case Study Mock up

Secure, available data and a 4x customer base 

How a CPA made their data securely available to their teams, improving productivity and leading to a quadrupled customer base





MacGiliviray Case Study Mock Up

Differentiating on service by improving productivity 

How a professional services SME used the cloud and Microsoft 365 to make their teams more agile and productive, creating an instant service differentiator in a competitive market




SBLR Case Study Mock up

Launching a start-up from the cloud

How Calligo supported a start-up to be “born in the cloud” and immediately compete with its more established peers




Reinventing Digital Transformation

Reinventing Digital Transformation

Your roadmap for improving the safe and secure flow of data for greater productivity and cost efficiency






101 Benefits of Outsourcing IT

Discover the benefits of outsourcing
your entire IT environment to an
IT Managed Services Provider



How to get the most out of Microsoft Teams

Tips and tricks to boost productivity and collaboration, as well as how to stay connected while working remotely at home or in the office




How to protect your Microsoft 365 data

Discover the Microsoft 365 IT security features that aren't automatically activated and how to switch them to help protect your data


Data Optimization Report

Data Optimization Report

Find out everything you need to know to maximize the value of your data in our exclusive Data Optimization Report






The Cloud Migration Guidebook – Part 1

The first of a two-part series that guides you through your strategy, choosing a vendor and meeting your compliance obligations




The Top 9 SME IT Security Threats

The top cybersecurity threats facing SMEs, based on our observations of client networks and their vulnerabilities



Microsoft Azure and Data Privacy

How to mitigate the data privacy issues of Microsoft Azure and the many tools that sit upon it, including Microsoft 365



Data privacy & security in Microsoft 365

A five-step guide for SMEs to designing data privacy and security into your Microsoft 365 environment





The Cloud Migration Guidebook – Part 2

This second part will guide you through the migration process and help you ensure the project delivers on its promises





IT Security Awareness Poster

A free and customizable IT Security Awareness poster to raise awareness of the top IT security threats businesses are facing



Data Strategies in the Channel Islands

Unique research into the suitability of cloud in the Channel Islands, from regulatory, data privacy and taxation perspectives



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