The GDPR Interview Series

Calligo’s GDPR Interview Series is a unique collection of interviews with expert commentators on GDPR. Our interviewees discuss GDPR’s origins and motivations, its implications and where and why businesses are struggling and succeeding with preparing for the 25th May deadline.

What's it all about?


Each of the four ebooks in the GDPR Interview Series includes two complementary interviews with our GDPR Global Lead, Sophie Chase-Borthwick, discussing various approaches to GDPR adherence across differing markets and job roles.

The four-part series includes interviews with

  • Emma Martins, Data Protection Commissioner for Guernsey, Channel Islands
  • Omer Tene, International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • Guy Washer, Managing Director of Sapio Research, a global market research firm recently focused on GDPR
  • James Nunns, editor of Computer Business Review
  • Sheila FitzPatrick, worldwide expert in data privacy, sovereignty and GDPR
  • Ian Thornton-Trump, cybersecurity expert
  • Sean Hargrave, journalist for
  • John Mitchison, Direct Marketing Association

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