Automation as a Service

Remove inaccuracy, inefficiency and time from your business processes, and become more productive and profitable


Turn inefficient, inaccurate business processes into automated intelligent workflows

Calligo’s Automation as a Service is a fully-managed service, from initial scoping to continuous optimization, delivered by experts in data-driven business change, automation technology, data privacy and security..




Let our experience guide you to where the most profitable opportunities for automation exist.



Continuous granular measurement and optimization of automation performance by expert data team.



We will find the most suitable technology for your business, processes and requirements.



Automate processes in full confidence that your sensitive data is secure, safe and treated in line with all privacy obligations.



Measurable performance improvements and financial impacts within days of deployment.



Become more prepared for the future, by ensuring processes are optimized and able to adapt to any change.


Which processes can or should I automate?

Not every process is suitable for automation.

Not every suitable process is easily identifiable.


Our team of experts in data-driven business change and automation have encountered almost every type of data process, and know exactly what to look for when identifying the most profitable workflows to make intelligent with Automation as a Service.

  • Is the process time-consuming?
  • Is it a high-volume task?
  • Is it regular or repetitive?
  • Is delivery time-critical?
  • Is quality of output an issue?
  • Is data accessible and available?
  • Is the process considered painful?

If this sounds like one or many of your data workflows, Automation as a Service can help make it more profitable, more accurate and faster – in other words, intelligent.



Planning for automation 

Give your intelligent workflows the best possible chance of success with a foundation of continuous measurement, data cleanliness and total data safety



Setting targets and KPIs

Based on the reasons for selecting which data workflow you are making intelligent, our team will agree with you the indicators and thresholds for project success, whether based on increased efficiency, reduced cost or greater accuracy. These metrics will then be built into the design of the intelligent workflow, to ensure continuous high performance.


Preparing your data

Calligo will ensure that the data required for your automation project is accessible, reliable, available and usable. This includes the analysis, adaptation and even if necessary, the replacement of the systems and platforms that the process depends on (e.g. OCR tools, email clients or digital marketing tools) to ensure continual accuracy and high performance.


Security and privacy

The data that powers most intelligent workflows is typically highly sensitive, including personal data, financial information or valuable IP. Calligo’s managed data services are founded upon data security and privacy, which means the data in your automation initiative will be continuously protected by our Privacy by Design methodologies, and certified security processes.


Choosing the right technology

Receive highly accurate, usable insights based on your data, fast


Calligo partners with a wide variety of machine learning and automation technology vendors, both global market leaders and niche innovators, and ranging from Robotic Process Automation to Cognitive Intelligence and Conversational Automation.


Our partners are chosen according to strict criteria:

  • The platform’s track record in accuracy

  • The vendor’s roadmap and innovation
  • Suitability for the workflow in question and the wider context of your business
  • The flexibility of the technology and its ability to accommodate changes in surrounding processes or the wider business
  • Whether the platform is built from a foundation of ‘Privacy by Design’
  • The partner’s security credentials and methodologies

Our experts will identify the most appropriate technology for your workflow and business, ensuring it is both high performing and able to adapt to how your business may change, removing the need for you to examine the market and demo platforms.



Machine Learning as a Service

Cut through the complexity of machine learning and access safe, consumable, enterprise-level insights, affordably and without the need for data science resources


Continuous optimization

Our fully-managed service continues beyond deployment, ensuring the constant achievement of your goals and objectives



Continuous assessment and reporting of intelligent workflow’s performance against agreed objectives and KPIs.




Pre-emptive optimization of intelligent workflow, improving accuracy, speed and performance, even beyond agreed KPIs.




Constant evaluation of suitability of data feeds, platform fit, infrastructure performance, security and data privacy.




Proactive recommendations for wider automation of business processes, including surrounding or similar workflows.


Option to expand data optimization initiative into machine learning, using Calligo’s Machine Learning as a Service.



Data Warehouse as a Service

Give every team member and department a single, safe and secure data foundation so they can make better decisions in full context and innovate faster 



Machine Learning as a Service

See how our unique managed service is constructed, and how Calligo gives businesses affordable access to consumable enterprise-level insights



Visualizations as a Service

Tell the stories hidden in your data and make every team member a data-driven decision maker with beautiful, interrogable and interactive dashboards and visualizations


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