Data Insights Platform

Our cloud-based platform delivers you more accurate insights faster, and with the reassurance that your data is being treated responsibly and securely


A powerful combination of advanced machine learning software, and one of the fastest, safest public cloud platforms designed specifically for machine learning



Award-winning, powerful and user-friendly machine learning software

Performs twice as fast as AWS and Google in identical machine learning scenarios

CloudCore’s speed means algorithms’ F-score margins of error are typically halved





Use the machine learning technology already on CloudCore, or deploy your own onto the platform


CloudCore was the first public cloud platform to be designed with data privacy at its heart, and holds numerous security certifications


Innovative technology

Calligo’s Data Insights Platform harnesses some of the most advanced and industry-acclaimed machine learning software available, that also removes the data science burden of intelligent insights


Automatically create the most suitable algorithm for your problem

Use the context of your query and the hidden structures within your data to intelligently create the most suitable predictive model for your problem. Simplify your model development, introduce creativity beyond human capability and accelerate your time to insight.


Automated and intelligent, but fully transparent

Tackle one of the greatest ethical objections to machine learning by being able to explain and trust every prediction. Calligo’s platform will explain its own decision-making, by clearly showing how conclusions are reached and which parts of your data are most heavily relied-upon.

Intuitively makes recommendations for correcting data issues

Automatically identify potential issues in your data and receive advice for correcting them or filling in any gaps based on the context of the wider dataset. You can then decide which recommendations are useful and implement them in seconds.

Highly flexible platform able to use any volume of data

Generate accurate forecasts and insights from even small datasets, while also accommodating large data volumes, near-constant sampling rates, and multiple formats of data, even including time-series.




We only partner with the best

Mind Foundry is an award-winning University of Oxford spin-off, founded by some of the greatest minds in machine learning. Mind Foundry's collaborative software platform empowers teams with a new type of machine learning that is trusted by experts yet easy enough to be used by people throughout the organisation.

One of the fastest machine learning cloud platforms available

CloudCore, Calligo’s purpose-built cloud platform, outperforms the market with some the quickest and most affordable delivery of accurate data insights



Twice as fast as AWS and Google

CloudCore’s design – including being first to market with some of the most innovative AI-specific chipsets and memory technology, plus providing dedicated resources – makes it consistently twice as fast as AWS and Google in identical machine learning tasks.



CloudCore’s high-performance CPU-based design avoids the need to rely on prohibitively expensive GPU processing, even for most machine learning ‘training’ tasks, while also allowing businesses to deploy more resource for faster results, at less investment.



Businesses can even deploy their own machine learning technology onto the CloudCore platform – provided it meets Calligo’s rigorous security and data privacy requirements – and experience superior performance than if it were deployed on other public clouds.





We only partner with the best

Calligo’s longterm close direct working relationship with Intel gives Calligo extraordinary access to the most advanced chipsets and CPUs, allowing us to deploy the newest technology often before other service providers are even aware of its availability. Calligo's experts often work closely with Intel's own, modifying and improving the latest releases, and helping to ensure our continuous market-leading performance.  

Unparalleled accuracy

CloudCore’s speed and design leads to more accurate insights, allowing you to overtake even your AI-enabled competition


One of the key factors determining a machine learning model’s accuracy is the speed at which the data is processed. This in turn depends on how efficient the software is and the performance of the underlying architecture.



Software efficiency

The Data Insights Platform software is continuously reviewed and revised to ensure it is as efficient, streamlined and focused as possible, removing unnecessary calculations and room for error, and increasing output speed


Platform performance

Because of the speed at which CloudCore operates, Calligo’s Data Insights Platform delivers results with half the F-score margin for error that AWS and Google can manage in identical scenariosin identical scenarios,



Fully secure and built on a Privacy by Design framework

Calligo’s Data Insights Services are built off the world’s only privacy-first machine learning platform, and are protected by numerous security certifications



CloudCore was the first public cloud platform in the world to be designed with privacy at its heart, and to offer data residency guarantees.


Both the Data Insights Platform infrastructure and the machine learning application were developed and are regularly assessed in line with the principles of Privacy by Design, and are governed by Calligo’s extensive security compliance procedures, including ISO 27001 and ISO 27018.


Calligo’s security & compliance accreditations


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