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Please note: All data used in these visualizations has been edited for anonymity 


Commercial, Sales and Marketing

Sales Pipeline copy

Commercial Pipeline


marketing optimization icon viz

Marketing ROI and Performance


The Coffee Bean-1Retail Sales Trends Analysis



Pricing Comparisson Data Visualization

Price Comparison




Professional Services Utilization




Health & Wellness

Medical Clinic Performance



Physician Engagement Visualization

Pharma Physician Engagement



Health Income

Healthcare Income



Patients Wait Times

Patient Wait Times



Insurers Payments

Insurers Payments


Manufacturing and Logistics


Oil and Gas Data visualization

Oil & Gas Facility Maintenance


Executive Scorecard copy

Supply Chain Performance




Employee Flight Risk Dashboard New

Employee Flight Risk



'9 Box' Employee Ratings




Student Demographics

Student Demographics


Classroom Attendance Dashboard

Classroom Evaluation


Real Estate



Real Estate - Executive Scorecard


real estate viz icon

Real Estate Management


Real Estate Construction

Real Estate Construction


Financial Services



Investment Calculator


Underwriting Dashboard (1) copy

Insurance Underwriting


General Interest


US Presidential Elections

US Presidential Elections



Krochet Kids - Social Impact

Krochet Kids - Social Impact



Pitch Heatmap

Pitch Heatmap


Park and Ride Usage

Park and Ride Usage




Fundraising Analysis



Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Outbreak


Seattle Bicycle Collisions

Seattle Bicycle Collisions



Stadium Attendance

Stadium Attendance



Crime Rates

Local vs State Crime Rates


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