Finding the right use for AI in your business

How to discover, not decide, where AI will be most beneficial to you.

  • Learn how to use science to establish precisely where AI will be most valuable to your business
  • Identify exactly what is required of your infrastructure, people and processes for your AI project to be a success
  • Calculate your business’ readiness for AI

How does a business discover the most profitable and practical use case for AI?


Too many AI projects fail. They are abandoned because the “results took too long to appear”, or “the impact was underwhelming.”


This almost always occurs because the business decided how to use AI, rather than objectively discovering where it could be most useful.


The best use case for AI in your business is probably fixing an inefficiency that you are unaware even exists. But how do you discover it?


And how do you prepare your business technically, culturally and ethically for AI’s introduction?


You know AI can benefit your business. You just need to find out where. 



Some of the questions this ebook answers


1 How to assess and quantify your business’ maturity and preparedness for AI


3 What is required of your technical infrastructure, data governance policies and internal culture before you can take advantage of AI


2 How data ethics needs to be addressed prior to planning your AI project


4 How to objectively identify where AI can be most beneficial to your business


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