Machine Learning as a Service

We use our expertise in data science, data privacy and data manipulation to cut through the complexity of intelligent data use, delivering valuable insights safely and cost-effectively


A sophisticated, cost-effective, fully-managed machine learning service

Delivered by a unique team of experts in data science, data privacy, and data-driven business change




Discover the most valuable opportunities for machine learning in your business, based on your challenges, data and privacy obligations




Receive highly accurate, valuable insights, that are as scientific or as consumable as your internal capabilities prefer or allow


Fully outsource the burden of re-architecting, cleansing and consolidating your datasets, and preparing your data for intelligent use



Have confidence that your intelligent insights were created transparently, highly securely and with fullest respect to data privacy


Use a highly-secure and privacy-centric Data Insights Platform, that is faster and more cost-effective than AWS and Google




Re-interrogate your data over and over again as your insights trigger new questions about your business and processes.



Identify the most valuable opportunities for machine learning in your business


gartner-logo-white"One of the top barriers to AI adoption is finding a starting point, and particularly finding the right use case."

Gartner, 2019

Calligo’s Data Insights experts will analyse your business operations and data processes, identify everywhere machine learning could benefit your business, and then single out the most realistic and immediately impactful use cases, assessing:



The questions and challenges you are solving


Your business processes and data workflows


The data available in your business


The existence or not of relevant public data


The data privacy regulations that apply



Finding the right use for AI in your business

How to discover the most innovative, impactful and profitable use cases for AI within your business



Entrust the preparation of your data to experts in data structuring and manipulation, the most advanced data architectures, and also in data privacy requirements




Calligo will pull together only the appropriate and necessary data from within and outside your organisation into a unified, consistent dataset.



Data is de-duplicated, while structural errors are fixed, gaps filled, outliers qualified, and irrelevancies removed.



Your data is then grouped, classified and labelled, and given statistical context (e.g.  whether values are binary, percentages, text-based, blank etc)



Receive highly accurate, usable insights based on your data, fast



Intelligent data insights delivered as a fully managed service via a user-friendly portal, supported by highly-qualified data scientists



Service includes ability to query insights with data scientists and business analysts, and to ask further questions of the data



Tailored outputs delivered either scientifically or contextually, according to your preferences and internal data science skills



Additional queries available on a pay-as-you-go basis, helping you avoid one-off technology costs or continuous license fees



Delivered from a high-performance machine learning cloud platform that is twice as fast as AWS and Google, with half the margin of error



All data processing is governed by a robust Privacy by Design and regulatory compliance framework




Machine Learning as a Service

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Calligo's Data Insights Platform

How Calligo's innovative technology and high-performance cloud platform outperforms the market on speed, accuracy and data privacy



Automation as a Service

Turn inefficient, inaccurate and slow business processes into continuously optimized intelligent workflows 


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