Machine Learning as a Service
for Businesses


Grow closer to your data, even with zero data science skills, and use it safely to uncover possibilities, answer questions and resolve challenges


Innovate faster

The only managed service that simultaneously solves all the key obstacles to machine learning adoption



Where and how

Let us help you discover where and how machine learning can support your business most profitably

Data availability & quality 

Hand over the burden and difficulty of re-architecting your data, combining data sources and building a usable dataset

Skills shortage

Sidestep the need to find and hire expensive data architects and data scientists 





Access the skills, infrastructure and technology through a consumable managed service and reduce overall project costs


Performance & Accuracy

Use a reliable and secure cloud platform that delivers insights at twice the speed of AWS & Google, with half the margin of error  



Security, Privacy & Governance

Be assured of your data's continuous safety with our ISO-accredited cloud platform, SOC-compliant processes and data privacy heritage



Discover the first managed service to deliver more accurate insights faster, while continuously protecting the safety of your data

Solid data foundations

Be shown where and why to apply machine learning in your business, and let us build you the dataset to drive it


Find your machine learning use case and set your goals


Calligo’s data science experts and business analysts will analyse your operations, data sources and processes, identify everywhere machine learning could benefit your business, and then single out the most realistic and immediately impactful use cases.


Solve the data quality & availability problems


Let our team take on the burden of re-architecting your data. We will combine your data sources, structure and de-duplicate your data and use AI to intelligently extrapolate from your data to fill any gaps and quickly create a suitable dataset from even the smallest of data starting points. 






eBook: Finding the right use for AI in your business

How to discover the most innovative, impactful and profitable use cases for AI within your business


Market leading performance and accuracy

Calligo's Data Insights Platform combines innovative software with infrastructure purpose-built for machine learning, delivering more accurate insights faster  




Intelligent algorithm creation

Accelerate your time to insight and improve your accuracy by letting our platform create the most suitable model for your problem and dataset




Ethics & Transparency

Our machine learning models are built to deliver entirely explainable outputs, allowing decisions to be fully transparent and avoid bias


Works with any volume of data

Calligo's platform can deliver insights from small or large datasets, near-constant sampling rates, and multiple formats of data, even including time-series



Calligo's Data Insights Platform performs at twice the speed of AWS & Google when processing identical machine learning workloads



With speed a major contributor to accuracy, Calligo's service delivers insights with half the margin of error that AWS & Google can achieve




Calligo's speed even with CPU resources is sufficient for all but the most complex projects, removing the need to invest in expensive GPU resources 



Deploy your own tools on Calligo's Data Insights Platform and experience superior performance with greater security   


Continuous Data Safety

Be assured that every insight is delivered from secure data sources and through compliant processes 



Data Security

Calligo's Data Insights Platform is one of the most secure machine learning services available, built to ISO 27001 & SOC 2 standards and continuously monitored by our data security team  


Data Privacy

Your machine learning project will be overseen by our data privacy experts, ensuring full adherence to all relevant regulations, including GDPR, and that all processes align with ISO 27018



Data Governance

Our ISO 9001 & SOC 2 certifications ensure the integrity of our data processing, while also assuring you that we can support any internal policies or industry regulations that may apply to your business


27001-ACM-UKAS-WHITE  9001-ACM-UKAS-WHITE   SOC-2-White  iapp-cipm-white


Three ways we reduce your machine learning costs







No need to invest in data science skills

  • Our team includes data scientists, data architects, data privacy experts and security experts so you don't need to hire them
  • Outputs are delivered in a comprehensible format, immediately digestible and actionable by the business


Avoid software and infrastructure investment

  • All required technology is delivered within the monthly fee
  • The Data Insights Platform's market-leading speed and efficiency requires less compute resource to deliver better results


All the above delivered as a "no surprises" managed service

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