How Calligo drew $millions of insights from Salesforce data


We've helped Fortune 100 and industry innovators’ commercial teams discover $millions of opportunity hidden in their Salesforce environments


Based on our work with major brands on their Salesforce and commercial data, we have compiled the problems they faced into a single story – and how they were overcome to uncover $millions in total new opportunity

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The Problems



Decisions could not be made in full context


 Our data was siloed, held in Salesforce and multiple additional applications across the customer lifecycle, from acquistion to billing and customer success. Ringfenced data means narrow decision-making, which prevented us from being creative, innovative or effective.




Historic trends were impossible


 Salesforce only shows our organization’s current status - not how today's stauts compares to yesterday's. We needed regular periodic snapshots of our entire customer lifecycle to build trends and better understand the impact of the changes we were making.



Reports relied on data exports, manipulation and basic presentation skills


 Standard Salesforce dashboards were so restrictive, hard to build and weren't interrogable or customizable enough to answer our questions. We had to export data to build our own reports externally, which meant manual, time-consuming processes with data that was already out of date. 



Commercial teams did not trust the data


 All our Salesforce reporting was renowned for being out-of-date, unintuitive, inconsistent, and built on limited data sources. Our commercial team quickly lost faith in the data and their reports, and they didn't have the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions or be innovative.


Step 1: We started with the Data Strategy


Calligo worked with these organizations to understand each stakeholder’s strategic ambitions and frustrations, and the nature of the data available – its sources, locations, volume, structure and delivery – and how it could be re-architected to address the needs






Sales Leadership




Data Leadership



Goals and Context



 Resources & Environment


Business Objectives

Organizational  |

Departmental  |


Pain Points

Procedural & cultural  |

Technical & data  |



Current & future team  |

Project timeline & cost  |



 |  Current & future architecture  |

|  Technology selection  |



Considerations and Outcomes



|  Data ethics & privacy  |

|  Security & governance  |



|  Suitability of analytics or data science  |

|  Data model  |



Creating a centre of excellence  |

|  Monetization and measuring ROI  |


Step 2: The Data

A typified view of our approach – customized for individual customers, their data sources,
governance needs and objectives


Salesforce data pipeline






Chosen data sources are cleansed and made uniform, then merged into a single, custom-built data model via advanced data pipelines.



Data from all sources is now held in:





A secure, independent infrastructure built to privacy best practices and in line with any regulatory requirements.




A single, consistent data model, that combines all sources in one cross-referenceable dataset.




Futureproof infrastructure into which new data sources can be added, or amends to the data model made.




A sophisticated platform, capable of taking periodic full-environment, total lifecycle snapshots for historic trending.




A solid, reliable foundation for full-context, fast and smart decision-making using data analytics and machine learning.


Step 3: Presenting the stories behind the data


An anonymized example of a Tableau visualization
of Salesforce data


Purposefully designed to be illustrative enough to show the customer's sales leadership their current performance,
and interactive enough to help them answer their own granular questions


Some of the benefits uncovered 



 The full view of our sales performance at a high level plus the ability to drill into the detail and answer any question meant we could instantly identify the retail stores that were inesapably destined to underperform. We dodged wasting $millions in investment. 


 We went from being passengers on our data journey to drivers and navigators. Previously we could only investigate what had happened in the past, but now we could predict sales trends, improve inventory and resourcing and accurately pre-empt how customers would act and react


 Within days, we had an unprecedented understanding of our customer behaviour and trends. We could see how individual marketing activities drove actions and commercial impact further down the lifecycle, and how even small changes made big differences.


 Because we now had visibility across the whole customer lifecycle, from marketing to sales to delivery, we could build the most comprehensive and specific customer acquisition cost analysis, and then optimize at every point in the chain. It has saved us $millions. 

How Calligo delivered



Full data project team


The combined skillsets offered to customers included data cleansing, architecture, integration, data sceince and visual analysis, plus expertise in infosecurity and data privacy.



Industry leader partnerships


We have long-standing partnerships (10+ years in some cases) with
market-leading technology providers, and teams fully-certified in the tools' use, adaptation and deployment.


Tableau Premier Reseller Partner Tableau Premier Services Partner






Fully managed service  


After deployment, some customers required continued maintenance, oversight
and optimization of the new data environment



Infrastructure is proactively maintained for performance
and supported by our
award-winning teams.



Addition of data sources as customer needs grew, including adaptation of the data model to ensure continuous consistency.



Continuous infosecurity and data privacy oversight, including whenever new data sources were added or the data model evolved. 



New data sources or necessary changes to visualizations, such as on-request feature improvements and upgrades.


What our customers say



 We are now enabled to better support the growing information needs of the business as we grow."

Business Analytics Manager, Red Classic



 The level of data science expertise is the best I’ve seen from any consulting or product firm in the industry."

Director of Data Science, Enterprise Telecom Company


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