Data Privacy & Security Recommendations for COVID-19


Guidance on how to protect your business' data and follow data privacy regulations whilst employees work from home


data_privacy_and_data_security_recommendations_for_COVID-19-1The COVID-19 pandemic caught a lot of businesses off-guard as “normal” working practices changed as many had to facilitate remote working. However, data privacy and security regulations, haven’t changed, which makes it essential for any organization to ensure their processes are up-to-dated and communicated to staff.


This guide looks at data security and data privacy, suggesting best practices for how businesses can secure data, as well as advice on how to follow data privacy rules during this difficult time.

  • Contains data security recommendations for businesses that have employees working from home
  • Advice on reporting internally on COVID-19 cases within the business whilst respecting data privacy regulations
  • Recommendations on how to handle data privacy requirements during COVID-19

What this ebook includes:


1A Data Privacy FAQ on how to report and manage COVID-19 cases within your organization.


2 Discover the steps for safeguarding your organization’s data whilst employees work remotely.

3 Guidance on handling data privacy requirements whilst keeping your business updated.


4 Find out how to get your data privacy and security requirements back on track during this rapid change.

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