GDPR Services & EU Representatives


Let us steer your organization through
one of the most influential
widest-reaching data privacy frameworks 


Our GDPR Services will give you:



in your organization’s continuous adherence to the regulations


Total visibility
of how your data moves into, through and out of your business


Integration of obligations
into every business process, from supplier contracts to marketing


Robust policies & processes
and documentation able to withstand any formal scrutiny



Our GDPR privacy service is trusted by organizations all over the world 



Delivered by a uniquely skilled and award-winning team of experts in data privacy law, infosecurity, technology and change management


Calligo's data privacy team has been shortlisted for three 2020 European IT & Software Excellence Awards for its delivery of ongoing GDPR compliance and privacy programmes, even for those with special category data


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GDPR GAP Analysis

The GAP Analysis highlights the areas of potential risk and non-conformance with GDPR, and is conducted by our team of GDPR-qualified consultants, infosecurity specialists and technology experts. It analyses the business’ maturity in eight key areas:  

  • GDPR governance and accountability 
  • Data privacy risk management 
  • Organization’s understanding of the scope of GDPR 
  • Personal information management 
  • Security management 
  • Third-party management 
  • Incident management 
  • Protection of data subjects’ rights under GDPR 


 When we saw Calligo’s GAP Analysis, we were sure we had made the right decision in choosing them as our partner - more thorough than our previous one, practically-focused and made clear recommendations of next steps."

Daniel Murphy, Product Manager at Planning Center



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GDPR GAP Calligo Service


GDPR Alignment

Calligo will then build a plan for remedying the shortfalls identified in the GDPR GAP Analysis, with a view to securing ongoing adherence. The goal is to reduce your operational risk - proven by updating the original GAP Analysis - and be able to demonstrate and evidence the safety of your data. 



Our approach:




Prioritization of the areas of most risk



Map requirements to your & our resource



Data Protection Officer /



Process assessment & remedy




Project management & timelines




Change management & communication




Technology & infrastructure alignment



Work collaboratively with your team 



Tailored to every customer




GDPR Assurance 

Ongoing GDPR consultancy and advisory services to help your organization maintain its continuous adherence, and to help you adapt to inevitable changes in how the business sources and uses data. 






Reviewing and advising on privacy policies, procedures and documentation




Ongoing monitoring of adherence, supported by dashboard reporting




Data protection and information security consultancy



Advising on data protection impact assessments (DPIA), their implementation and outcomes



Supporting your interactions with data subjects and Supervisory Authorities



Serving as your EU Representative should you prefer or need to appoint externally


Data Protection Officer as a Service

If your business is mandated to have a Data Protection Officer (DPO), for example, if you are a public authority or are processing personal data at large scale, we can act as your  Data Protection Officer and provide additional, specific data privacy support, sidestepping the difficulty of appointing internally and the cost of hiring. 


Additional support in addition to Assurance:




Monitoring personal data collection and processing



Inform, advise
and provide staff guidance


Annual on-site audit
and report



Data breach management 
and reporting



Act as point of contact to Supervisory Authorities



Find out more about our Data Protection Officer as a Service

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Data Protection Officer 
as a Service

Gain the confidence that your business continuously adheres to every applicable data privacy obligation




Regulation Services

Navigate California's groundbreaking privacy law and bring your business in line with your new obligations 



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