How Brexit affects GDPR & Data Privacy

  • How does Brexit impact GDPR adherence?
  • What happens if the UK does not secure Adequacy by 31st December 2020?
  • What sort of data privacy relationship will the UK have with the EU after Brexit?
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What does Brexit mean for my business' Data Privacy adherence?


Wise and forward-thinking UK businesses who trade with or target the EU have for many months been preparing for Brexit. Many have examined the potential impacts on their supply chains, partnerships, workforce and operational delivery capabilities.


But few that we speak to have considered what happens to their ability to continue to hold, receive or transfer personal data after Brexit – and how those data privacy obligations and capabilities change depending on whether the UK secures Adequacy or not.


We found ourselves speaking to so many clients about this – and putting so many misunderstandings to rest – that we thought wider awareness was important. This infographic sets out how the changing relationship with the EU impacts businesses’ every interaction with data.


Take a look, and see below how we can support you if you need help.


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