The 9 Myths & Fairy Tales of GDPR

The 9 most dangerous misperceptions that undermine US and Canadian organizations’ GDPR observance and strategies.

  • Identify and correct your misinterpretations of GDPR
  • Learn from the very real mistakes that we have spotted our clients making
  • Pre-empt and avoid any risk to your business from mistakenly applying the most revolutionary legislation in data privacy

Move towards your GDPR happily ever after!


Once upon a time…


There are 9 misunderstandings about GDPR’s scope, applicability and enforcement that consistently appear in our dealings with new clients from the US and Canada.


All of these Myths and Fairy Tales of GDPR can be unravelled and corrected, but often only after they have already derailed GDPR strategies, brought additional costs to our clients and even compromised their adherence.


We have collected these misunderstandings into this downloadable asset, designed to set the record straight and help you avoid making the same mistakes in your GDPR planning.



Myths busted in this ebook

  • “Our organization has no offices or employees in the EU, so GDPR does not apply to us.”
  • “Our company has just been certified ‘GDPR compliant’ so we have nothing more to worry about.”
  • “Our organization is too small to ever be caught or fined under GDPR.”
  • “We can nominate anyone to be our Data Protection Officer.”

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