Data Privacy Day 2021

Data Privacy Day is different this year

Data Privacy Day has never before come at a time where data privacy is so affected by global geo-politics, nor been so subject to change


Our free package of content is specially created for Data Privacy Day 2021 and built by our experts in data privacy, experienced in global data privacy programmes, and who balance current requirements with future international legislation change every day.

The Periodic Table of Data Privacy

The Data Privacy Periodic Table is an industry-renowned, easily-digestible view of how the privacy world fits together


To mark Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day in Europe), we have released the sixth update to our Periodic Table of Data Privacy.


First launched in 2018, the Periodic Table of Data Privacy is an open project, updated based on the contributions and observations of many privacy professionals. 


This update is one of the most dramatic yet, marking some of the most notable national and international changes to data privacy, including:


-The California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (CPRA)
-Canada’s Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA)
-The implications of Brexit


To find out more about these changes and the implications they have on global privacy and its implementation in your business, read our blog below.



How Brexit impacts your data strategy

The data leader's guide to preparing their data environment for Brexit.

A visual overview plus a comprehensive guide to the impact of Brexit on businesses with operations in the UK.


Brexit Jan 2021 thumbnail




The Top 3 Requests for the New US Administration

Calligo's VP of Data Ethics & Privacy discusses the top three data privacy initiatives that she'd like to see the new
US administration introduce




A new administration in the most influential economy in the world triggers news hopes and expectations in every industry.


But if major change were to be on the agenda, what would be the most beneficial, transformative, impactful or prudent new data privacy initiatives that the new US administration ought to introduce?




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Mock up for DPD-1


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